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  • Hello, new user here! I'm looking to contribute to the market, but I'm not sure what image size works best. If all my assets are 32 bit PNG and 256x256, will that be alright or do game developers prefer multiple sizes? Thanks for the help!

    preferable wold be to upload full AI/PSD formats so the people that purchase it can customize it and if the size is bigger then 512x512 even better

    Currently working on a tower defense template game Coming soon!

    the explosions look delicious

    Coming soon with a few more game templates and a new version for Frenzy Fish Template (improving AI system)

  • New Pack available now on store

    Classic Vector Tank

    A classic Tank created in vector for splash screens, main menu, backgrounds, loading screens and game assets in png with transparency.

    High Resolution size

    Separate parts sprite sheet provided.

    14 Color Variations

  • New UFO Pack available on Scirra Store presents

    UFO Pack

    4 vector UFOs with color variations.

    Use it for game assets, splash screens, backgrounds and main menu.

    Provided as png spritesheets

    PNG file 2048 x 2048 pixels

    Total of 45 UFOs

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  • New Pack Cartoon Birds available on scirra store presents

    Cartoon Birds Pack Vol 1

    3 Vector Birds with color variations

    Use it for game assets, splash screens, enemy, backgrounds and main menu.

    Body Parts Sprite sheet provided.

    PNG File: 2048 X 2048 pixels

    Total 45 Birds

  • working on this for a while, the plan is to offer the different images as assets, and maybe also the composition elements, no eta just yet

    topview with clouding, land texture , different spaceviews..., this is an earthstyle,( i can make complete predesigned maps or random looking) but i hope to then make different kind of worlds available,

    let me know if you like it or got suggestions!

  • Famekrafts presents

    RPG Skill Set Icons : 128 Skill Set Icons with color variations.

    Use it for RPG and Isometric games, as skill or inventory Icons.

    Provided as with icon background as well as transparent.

    2048 x 2048 pixels sprite sheet provided.

    Each icon size is 222 x 222 pixels.

    Total 128 Icons

    Available on Scirra Store

  • famekrafts youre flooding this topic with your released products, you do realise that the topic is "work in progress assets" , just saying...

  • vtrix By the time I upload images here, my files are approved by scirra, so I add the link as well. Really Fast service.

    They are Work in Progress but I am completing them in a day or two, so not really much difference.

    edit: I need to mention I am in India but I work during USA timings and the site is UK based, time difference is probably making my Work live on store by the time I come back to work next day.

    I never gave thought to this part before, as I post here, on my behance portfolio and linkedin at the same time.

    BTW I did pm you about the signature banner, hope you can help me out with that.

  • The past few days was working on a few game templates so i managed to finish a few and will work till end of this week that is Sunday and maybe upload them Monday morning or afternoon, not sure what is the time difference but anyway, the next game templates will be soon uploaded (not necessarily approved scirra has to decide ) :

    Ninja miner game template (similar to ninja painter game if you played it before)

    Survive Game Template - will include 1 small car, 1 big truck, 1 city level maps, 2 zombies, slow motion effects, blood and gore, all sorts of upgrades ( Similar to earn to die)

    New update for Time-Management Game Template (version 2.5 will have less events, be more compact, almost 50% faster to load assets, and 90% easier to use and a additional manual for it that explains what each event, and how to use it )

    Tug IT Game Template work in progress, basic engine idea is sketched, now comes the polishing part, you can play the raw shape of the game template HERE.

    2 new game templates released soccer pinball and ninja miner game template , available now in scirra store.

    And few random more game templates, as soon as im having more time il upload some pictures in this reply check back soon.

    Important Notice

    Right now the assets may look doll or raw, but soon all uploads will come in shape, as I'm going to polish them and change all the missing pieces, so they look more shinny and give a better idea of what the templates can be turned into.

  • famekrafts , i understand, but this topic is for all sellers to show a tell some progress we are making and not taking huge amount of space, but if you want that i suggest posting in resources or artist work posts, i pm you about the signature

  • vtrix Thanks for the help with signature.

    I will keep that in mind and post here updates regarding wip works once/twice a week only.

  • Ok here is the update for this weekend - currently creating large number of RPG maps in 2D, these will be bundled together and can be used as maps for complete RPG game, followed by a world map for the game.

    Also as Jurassic world is coming to theatres soon, so I thought to create a new dino pack, which is currently WIP.

  • Hi everyone.

    This week's update, 2 new RPG maps are ready for store, one is forest themed and other desert. Working on two more maps right now and the dino pack.

  • I must say it is kind of nice to have a place to post your items awaiting approval or those in development.

    I'm new here and I have just uploaded my first store asset graphics pack

    A little feedback would be lovely as I am a real fresh newbie here and I have a whole heap of assets to upload and I am hoping I get approved.

    I have priced this at 6.50 GBP


  • Hi everyone.

    This week's update, 2 new RPG maps are ready for store, one is forest themed and other desert. Working on two more maps right now and the dino pack.

    Hello - some great looking graphics there! Keep up the good work.


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