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    <h3>Super Platformer Engine</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>You can make your dream action platformer game effortless by using this template. </p><p>I will update the engine and add new things time to time. If you have any suggestions about the engine, you can write them on its Store Thread. I commented whole Capx but if you have any questions, comments, offers or bug reports you can always mail me.</p><h3>Features</h3><div class="deshr"></div><p>More detailed information here: </p><p></p>

    • Template includes graphics as Layered PSD!
    • Player: idle, run, roll, jump, fall, wall-jump, climb, bow attack.
    • Tileset: 16�16 32 Tiles. They are pretty much all you will need.
    • Enemies: Bat, Slime, Patrolling
    • HP - Score UI, Smooth Camera.
    • Ladder, Water, Flies, Torch, Long Living Grass,Rocks, Plain Grass, Grass with Glowers, Bridge.
    • Moving platforms Types, Ice, Fire, Mushroom, Spikes, Weak Blocks.
    • Boxes, Treasure, Bomb, Coins, Hearts.

    <p>Thank you!</p>

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  • bilgekaan very nice, do you plan to provide more updates? i'll definitely buy this one if its on sale ^^. I wish there is touch support though. ^^. and additional AI behaviors (added to wishlist ).

  • pinoypixel

    Additional AI's always good and the touch support is already my to-do list. I will provide updates for the template and feedbacks are great help. Thank you!

  • bilgekaan awesome template!!!

    Please add, if you can:

    • melee attack (when near enemy you can slash it using blade/knife/... )
    • touch controls (enabling /disabling a kind of control's layer)

    Melee Attack example from Shinobi (when very near enemies he use kicks or knife):

    What you think about?

    Thanks and see later.

  • NaSTy Thank you!

    Touch control and melee attack was already on the list. I was going to add a separate button for melee attack but I think your idea is better. I'm working on a contract work right now but I will update the Template ASAP.

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  • Hello bilgekaan

    This looks great and you are getting some great feedback and reviews on your page. Well done.

  • blurtsmum Thank you!

  • bilgekaan Bought it today, awesome work man! I agree with NaSTy, melee attack would be great, if you can add the option for a separate button too that would be perfect.

  • Rapickt Thank you for purchasing! Of course, added to the list.

  • bilgekaan only to tell you that i purchased your great template before ask you new features!

    so .. i'm waiting for new updates!

    See later ...

  • NaSTy Thanks for puchasing!

  • Hi bilgekaan , i found a bug, simple bug i think, in player states.

    Seems that if you go near walls and try to always jumping, sliding on wall and shooting .. the player remain in shooting state and you can't move left or right anymore.

    In other words, there is a case that not reset some states (example the shooting state).

    So try to go near walls (left or right is not important), try to jump always remaining near wall and shooting.

    If you not success to replicate the problem, let me know and i will made a video that will explain that problem.

    About other new features, beyond the two already known previously (touch controls, melee attack), can be the double jump that can be activated or deactivated (for example if you take a bonus you have the double jump feature).

    Let me know about!

    See you later ...

  • Hi NaSTy

    Thanks a lot for the bug report! I will fix it ASAP and check the double jump feature for next update.

  • I've updated the template. It is currently waiting for approval but if you want to get it now, you can mail me.



    – Fixed wall jump / attack bug.

    – Added touch controls.

    – Added melee attack.

    Hope you guys like it!

  • Awesome!! Thanks bilgekaan!!!

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