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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • I've forgot to add touch controls for ladder events but it's fixed and uploaded. If you guys don't want to wait for approval you can pm me your mail so I can send you the newest version.

  • Oh I bought this one. I'll download the new updates. Thanks for the fixes and added features.

  • Great template. And quick help time.

    Any chance of adding a select level menu as in your other games

  • Hi bilgekaan

    I had a look at your great demo and found 3 bugs.

    All have to do with ladder and charakter animation, they are easy to reproduce so it shouldn't be to hard to fix them.

    All bugs are found in this particular demo in the first level

    (I don't own the template so I don't know if this bugs are still in it or not)

    1. Go up the ladder while holding down the left button. The charakter doesn't face the direction he's moving. The same is true if you jump down the ladder while holding left.

    2. If you start all the way on top of the ladder and climb all the way down (not jumping off) you'll be unable to move left or right for a certain time.

    3. If you shoot an arrow while you are on the ladder than press up to grab the ladder again before the charakter touches the ground you'll be stuck in the ladder climbing animation till you shoot another arrow.

    I hope it helped and that it is a easy fix.

  • Thank you! I really appreciate that you find the issues and gave me feedback. I will check and fix them ASAP.

  • Awesome templates I got the bundle for science .

  • Thanks guys! Now we are on the first page of the store! I'll fix the ladder bug next week and update the template so please let me know if you have any feature suggestion.

  • Hi, I just bought your template and have been having a look through. It's pretty impressive! It's going to help me a lot.

    I had 1 little problem though, the moving platforms work great however if you put more than 1 of the same type on screen it breaks it, I thought it might be a bug so I wanted to let you know. A easy way to see is if you copy the one in the first level to somewhere else in the room, it seems to go to the highest point of whichever mov_string is above even if its not overlapping it.

    But still a great template, It's going to save me so much time, thanks!

    Double Edit: (decided to make it a new post)

  • Hey Joben, Thank you! You mean the ones that moves when player jump on it right ? The other moving platforms should work without problem. It is not a bug actually but I should make the code like you suggest, it would be more useful.

    The hook is a really cool idea, I should make a room for the hook. I will check what I can do, thanks!

  • Ohh that makes sense, I'll use the other ones for now if I need to have more than one at a time on screen, thanks for the fast reply!

    I found a bug just now while I was testing an outdoor environment.

    If there's no tilemap for the arrow to hit it completely freezes the game, I'm not sure why though I imagine because it keeps searching for where to put the arrow.

    And I made a lake to get across but I found that if the waters too deep you can't jump out. So i thought the ability to jump endlessly in water would be a awesome feature to add too

  • Joben Yeah I knew as you said the bowPoint is looking for an object, but I think it is easy to avoid that, I will check it. When I was making the water I thought if the water too deep I can put tiles like 45 degree so player walks to surface but swimming is a good feature, I've noted it! Please let me know when you have more suggestions. I can't promise to make all of them but I will check what I can do. Thank you!

    Edit: BTW for quick fix I guess you can add invisible object outside of the layout that won't intrupt player but catches the bow.

  • Can't believe I didn't think of that for the bow, I'll do that, it should fix it up nicely.

    I don't expect you to put in tons of the suggested features but I just thought I'd list them since I don't think anyone else has, and if you're feeling it then awesome, more features . If not, it's all good, the template is already really good!

  • Hi bilgekaan,

    i suggest you:

    • N jump (for example taking a first jump bonus you can double jump or taking a second jump bonus you can triple jump and so on..);
    • The player can normal walk or can run (like mario for instance);
    • The player can swim in large water (or at least endless jumping if you fall inside in a large water);
    • The player can defence (for example use a shield when press a kind of defence button and the player can destroy or reflect the enemies bullets)

    What you think?

    Thanks a lot for your awesome template.

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  • Joben Thanks Please don't hesitate to suggest new features. I make other things, too so I won't be able to update the template too often and put all the suggestions on it but when I am going to update, I'll check the suggestions and decide to add them if it is fun to make or if it'll be helpful to all devs.

    NaSTy Thanks for your great suggestions! Swimming was already on the list and I've noted the others ,too.

  • I've updated the template. It is currently waiting for approval but if you want to get it now, you can mail me.



    Fixed ladder bugs (animation, mirror, attack).

    Fixed BowPoint search.

    Replaced ParticleWH with Official Particle.

    Added Facebook/Twitter share.

    Added multiple triggered moving platform support.

    Hope you guys like it!

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