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The official Scirra Multiplayer Signalling Server for helping peers find and connect to each other
  • Multiplayer signalling server — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

    <p>The official Scirra Multiplayer Signalling Server helps peers using the Construct 2 Multiplayer object find and connect to each other. The signalling server does not relay any actual game data: it merely relays connection details so that peers can make direct connections to each other, and the actual gameplay data travels over those peer-to-peer connections, not via the signalling server. As a result bandwidth requirements should be minimal. For more information about the architecture of the multiplayer engine, see: hosts a free official signalling server at wss://, running on a high-end dedicated server with a gigabit connection. If this is suitable for your needs, you do not need to run your own signalling server. You may also prefer to rely on the official server if you are not prepared to also run a dedicated server with an SSL certificate, which normally involves additional fees.</p><p>The signalling server is based on node.js and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.</p><p>You may also wish to consider:</p>

    • having a publicly reachable server with a direct connection to the Internet (without using Network Address Translation)
    • purchasing an SSL certificate to encrypt the connection to the signalling server, which improves connectivity for some devices
    • also hosting a TURN server (separate server software required) to improve connectivity for peers where STUN cannot achieve connectivity, e.g. symmetric NAT

    <p>The signalling server can work with none of the above, but the percentage of users who can successfully connect to the server across the Internet may be reduced. The signalling server can also be used offline on local area networks (LANs) where no SSL certificate or STUN/TURN servers are necessary.</p><p>The purchase is a license to run a single signalling server. If you wish to run multiple signalling servers concurrently, additional purchases must be made.</p>

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  • Hello

    Why I can not get the link?

  • The store isn't public yet.

  • The store isn't public yet.

    When will it be available? I am interested. Will be dedicated servers?

  • muguanatos all online now!

  • sooo, its a own signalling server eh. I like that allot but Is there any chance its price will be ever raised in the future? Will the purchase of own signalling server be permanent? Do i need any speciffic coding to handle own signalling server? Will there be a full step by step manual to handle the signalling server for dummies? I need to handle my wallet wisely at the moment

  • It's a permanent license for a single server, and we have no plans to change the price. You don't need to code anything, but correctly configuring it requires some technical knowledge, which is outlined in the description and covered in more detail in the readme.

  • today I want to buy the "Multiplayer signalling server" tool. and of course the Construct 2.

    my question is whether i can use the "Multiplayer signalling server" tool on FTP account or i need to use VPS server? and do i get help or installation guide?

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  • maordany - the description on the store page covers the basics, and it comes with a readme with some extra details. However FTP is really something else entirely, so I'd recommend not trying to run your own signalling server if you are not familiar with the networking principles of hosting.

  • Good day! SSL certificate is required to purchase? Can I do without it?

  • Shardik - no, an SSL certificate is not required (and not necessary if running over a local network). But for the Internet I would strongly recommend you get one since it improves connectivity (and security) for some devices.

  • Hi,

    I would know if we need to buy this tools for each game we made (one game >one server tool) or if we just need one for all (seems the second possibility as I can figure out in the tutorial and the description, but I want to be sure )

  • One purchase per server, amount of game doesn't matter

  • this tool isnt working ... can we get a tutorial on how to install that

  • i read all four or so multiplayer tuts, but they didnt mention the signaling server costing anything. what happens if we use the signaling server without buying this? also if we own .com domains, can we use that as a signaling server? can any .com domain we own also be used as a dedicated server so that no player has to host the game? or is there something more to signaling servers and/or hosting servers than simply owning and paying for a .com domain?

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