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The official Scirra Multiplayer Signalling Server for helping peers find and connect to each other
  • i read all four or so multiplayer tuts, but they didnt mention the signaling server costing anything. what happens if we use the signaling server without buying this? also if we own .com domains, can we use that as a signaling server? can any .com domain we own also be used as a dedicated server so that no player has to host the game? or is there something more to signaling servers and/or hosting servers than simply owning and paying for a .com domain?

    Scirra offers a free signalling server which you connect to.

    This is if you want to host your own, but in all honesty. Scirra have a better server set up than we could put together. So use scirra's signalling server. All it does in the end is connect the parties together.

  • It would be nice if this was free so we could distribute it to users of our game so they could set up their own signalling servers and play games on LAN if they want to. It seems the only solution we can offer users of our game is to either host our own signalling server or use Scirra's, which means they'll need a connection to the internet.

  • maordany - the description on the store page covers the basics, and it comes with a readme with some extra details. However FTP is really something else entirely, so I'd recommend not trying to run your own signalling server if you are not familiar with the networking principles of hosting.

    Hi I bought the multiplayer but not how to install it in the Construct 2 .. as I do to run in Construct 2 ? thank you!

  • Hello buy the flag for multiplayer and I returned the money because I did not know how to install it in the Construct 2 , should make a video tutorial step by step for installation , so they will lose many purchases as mine .. I would buy again but very confusing when you install it.

  • Can I use free scirra's signaling server in a commersial game?

    Does this server have any limits?

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  • Running a server requires some technical knowledge. You should not purchase the server if you do not understand the information in the description relating to NAT, SSL certificates and TURN servers, since these are essential aspects of running a signalling server. You can always simply connect to wss:// which runs on a dedicated server with a gigabit connection, so has more than enough capacity to run a great deal of games.

  • From description:

    'The signalling server can work with none of the above, but the percentage of users who can successfully connect to the server across the Internet may be reduced.'

    Should that be an 'all'?

  • No, it means the signalling server can still work even without any of the listed points. So it *can* still work even without its own publicly reachable address, without SSL and without TURN, but each of those things will help improve connectivity so more people can connect to the signalling server.

  • Hello! I am currently developing an online multiplayer game and I am trying to use the free Scirra signalling server for establishing the peer-to-peer connections in my game. However, it seems that quite often the server wss:// is down (such as right now), which makes playing, developing or testing my game a bit difficult.

    Does purchasing my own signalling server (this product) solve this problem, or will that server be down just as often as the public / free server?

  • jseppala2 - we did some maintenance today, it was a one-off, usually reliability is better. If you run the server yourself reliability is entirely up to you - if you need a few hours to move the server to a new machine, it'll still go offline like it did for us.

  • jseppala2 - we did some maintenance today, it was a one-off, usually reliability is better. If you run the server yourself reliability is entirely up to you - if you need a few hours to move the server to a new machine, it'll still go offline like it did for us.

    Thank you for your quick response! Ok, I think I misunderstood how this product works if I buy the signalling server tool from you, it is just a piece of software that I can install on any computer I want and then use that as my signalling server, right? If so, I will definitely consider purchasing it in case my multiplayer game ever goes viral (which most likely will never happen lol) since I have rented a pretty stable server for some earlier projects (websites etc.).

  • Ashley Does this work with Construct 3?

  • Yes.

  • I bought this and started but don't know how to connect to construct 2. Please help.

  • SO I have read all the comments and I have a couple questions

    If I buy this plug in will it turn the computer Into a server that will help games created with Construct 2 or 3 find each other and strengthen the connection? Am I understanding this correctly?

    My second and main question will this help games created using Construct 2 that has been released and published on app stores (like google play and Apple store), connect to each other for multiplayer action?

    Like for example I created a fighting game for mobile devices and I want my users to be able to connect with another user thats is right next to them and fight them. Does this make that scenario possible/give it a better & stronger connection?

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