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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Now available at the Scirra Store!

    Metroidvania Game Kit is a comprehensive "full game" template for creating action/platformer games, particularly in the metroidvania subgenre.


    • Familiar Player Character with 4-way aiming
    • Items/Upgrades & Collection Sequence + Message Box
    • Unique Enemies & Destructibles
    • Room Transitions & Alignments + Dynamic Object Loading
    • Minimap System (In HUD & Subscreen)
    • HUD + Energy Tanks & Missile Counter
    • Subscreen + Item Tabs & Large Map View
    • Save Points & Save Data Management
    • Window Scaling / Positioning
    • Visual FX
    • Title Screen + Menu
    • Hot Lava (ouch!)


    • Developed by C2 veterans
    • Fully commented events
    • Clean & organized project structure
    • No 3rd party addons
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  • Seems great. A playable demo would be good.

  • After playing around with the kit, I can say it's an amazing basis brick for a metroidvania or any 'adventure' platform game.

    Furthermore, the code is very organized, commented and clear. Very easy to dig in and change things.

    It really worth its price. So much time saved. (specially with the room/objects manager)

  • Updated to r2. Fixes a bug where the player engine group is not deactivated when opening the subscreen (small oversight when refactoring), removes left-over door triggers, and fixes up some door trigger placements. Also includes a readme with default controls and extra details.

  • Just bought this. Would be nice if there was a video that explained some stuff.

    Trying to figure out how to build maps atm.

    I like the control scheme. Still not getting how the minimap and data saves work, but will try to go through with it line by line.

    What I have trouble most with is trying to follow the variables and function calls.

    Some lines don't reference where the variables originate from.

    All in all, it is something to learn from. I want to see if things are more modular.

  • Great looking kit. I really like the Price.

    Just a quick critique on the name and a feature: "Familiar Player Character w/ 4-way aiming".

    Both Metroid, and Castlevania supported 8 direction aiming. You might want to add the capability to switch from 4 to 8 if they want a true Metroid or Castlevania feel.

  • DurandalCorp I thought about including a video but didn't know if it was really necessary with such heavy commenting already. I even included references to where some functions are called and executed. If there is no reference then I deemed it easy enough to figure out i.e. "Menu_Select" is obviously called from eMenus, "Room_Load" is obviously from eRoomSystem, all dictionary keys can be found in eSaveData, and so on. It's all organized that way. If you have any specific questions I'll be happy to answer them via the support email or private message.

    jojoe The first 2 Metroids and a lot of other metroidvanias only have 4 directional aiming. Seemed more suitable for this kit. Anyway, I'll consider including 8 directional aiming but the code is nearly identical just need to replace "Up, Down" etc. at the end of the animations with numbers (0,1,2,3,4), change the aim variable from a string to an int, and add the additional inputs.

  • The image at the top of post doesn't show for me.

    When I visit the store page though it looks super cool and i'll keep in mind if I want to do a metroidvania type game.

  • jbconstruct82 I made some updates to the store page which broke the original post here. Doesn't look like I can modify it - clicking edit just shows a block of text with no bbcode or anything...oy. Tom is there any way to, like, 'refresh' this auto-generated thread to reflect the latest updates on the store page?

  • I'm afraid not... added to list of things to fix when I next get round to looking at the store.

  • r3 is awaiting approval.

    -Includes all assets in a separate folder.

    -Fixes a bug where previously collected items would reappear in some situations.

  • Hello Tokinsom, is there a chance to try a demo?

  • Ok, maybe later... I keep an eye on this kit and future sales...

  • I second that, playable demo would be nice.

  • Sorry guys, I don't do demos for many reasons. In this case, well, it's a gamekit. The gameplay isn't necessarily where it shines, rather the systems behind it. I've seen bad reviews on template demos because they "weren't fun" or whatever...and that's not fair. The purpose of them isn't to be fun, it's to teach. I put together the trailer and feature lists so you have a very good idea of what this gamekit consists of. There's even a screenshot of the whole project structure in-editor.

    I'm sure there will be more reviews in the future. So far I've mostly been getting PM's and emails. So, if you're reading this, I greatly appreciate the feedback, but please leave your reviews on the scirra store instead!

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