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Inspired by open world 2D side scrollers, mobile RPG app games and action adventure, explorer styled platformers.
  • r5 is up. Just some small bug fixes / maintenance.

    I haven't made a game in Construct yet, but I have a question. Could this be exported to run on mobile devices?

    Technically, yes, but this was designed to run on desktops or browsers.

    Would you consider doing an ''up and down trigger''? I've only seen a ''left and right trigger''. I would be willing to pay for this. I'm creating a big map and it would be a really interesting feature. Keep on the good work and have a nice day.

    This is easily the largest block of events in the whole game kit so I'd like to just stick with horizontal transitions/alignments to keep things tidy.

    The events are already there, really. You just need to copy/paste the existing transitions and change Right/Left to Up/Down and swap the y and x coordinates.

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  • Tokinsom

    Would it be too much to ask for an update with events/tweaks made to the player anim/input events to enable Castlevania style melee?

    Been trying to work out how to do it in your events, without breaking everything or having to rewrite it all.

    (castlevania melee, as in button input while jumping/running/idle would play melee animation and halt x velocity.)

  • bump :/

  • Discmach Hmm..hadn't planned on adding a melee ability. I'd like to keep this kit as simple as possible, and a mechanic like this could be confusing since it'd toggle entire components of the player engine. Same reason I removed the morphball before launch.

    For a rudimentary melee attack all you really need to do is add a Player_Melee function call in the Player Input group, then have that function disable Player Mechanics & Player Animations, then play the melee attack animation and spawn the blade object. When the animation is finished or the player has been hurt or whatever, you can re-enable said groups.

    If you only want the melee attack to disable certain mechanics like shooting, but leave others active like moving left/right, then you can create more groups and do something like above. Alternatively you can use a parent event that checks if a melee attacking boolean is false, and put mechanics that should be disabled when attacking underneath it.

  • Hello, i have been reading the forums on licensing en royalty free assets, but some things are not clear, so i guess i will ask directly for a good anwser

    If i buy this pack can i use its assets (mostly textures and sprites that i like) with other game engines such as unity or unreal ?

    the question is also related to other royalty free assets from the scirra store.

    also is there a page where i can read more about buying assets (from scirra or gamedevmarket) and when i can use them commercially ?

  • AapO There is a license on each product page in the scirra store. It varies depending on the product category.

    For this game kit and other templates you are allowed to use the assets in 1 commercial project per license purchased. However, there are numerous restrictions.

    Copied from the template license section:

    1. Grant of license
    This Agreement is a license, not an agreement of sale. Licensee shall not acquire any copyright ownership or equivalent rights to any of the Licensed Content. Seller and the Licensed Content sources retain all right, title and interest in and to all of the copyrights, trademarks, and all other proprietary rights in the Licensed Content. All rights in and to Licensed Content not expressly granted in this agreement are retained by Seller or its suppliers.
    Licensee may provide access to Licensed Content to no more than ten Authorised Users simultaneously, provided that access to Licensed Content is used solely for the purpose of creation or reproduction of Works for Distribution made by or on behalf of Licensee.
    Licensee may use the Licensed Content in up to 1 commercial projects. A commercial project is one defined as a Work for Distribution launched with the capability to generate revenue, or intention to generate revenue through the sale of, licensing of, or otherwise intend to generate revenue directly from the Work for Distribution. If Licensee wishes to use the Licensed Content in more than 1 commercial projects they will need to purchase an additional License or the Licensed Content at the exclusive price if one is available (c.4).
    Licensee is permitted to use the Licensed Content in unlimited free projects. A Free Project is one defined as a Work For Distribution that generates zero revenue, has generated zero revenue and does not have the capability to generate revenue in any form.
    2. Restriction on Use
    Licensed Content may not be used contrary to any restriction on use indicated herein.
    Licensed Content may not be resold, sublicensed, assigned, transferred or otherwise made available to third parties except as incorporated into Works for Distribution. Licensed Content may not be distributed to third parties as standalone files or in a way that unreasonably permits the recipient to extract the Licensed Content for use separately and apart from the Work for Distribution.
    Licensee may not distribute the Licensed Content in any library or reusable template, including but not limited to game templates, website templates intended to allow reproduction by third parties on electronic or printed products. Licensee may not distribute Licensed Content in a manner meant to enable third parties to create derivative works incorporating Licensed Content.
    Licensee may not superficially modify the Licensed Content and sell it to others for consumption, reproduction or re-sale. For example, but without restriction, Licensee may not resell audio tracks as backgrounds, hold music, ringtones etc.
    Licensee may not incorporate the Licensed Content into a logo, trademark or service mark.
    Licensee may not incorporate the Licensed Content in advertisments (excluding advertisments for permitted Work For Distribution), broadcast TV, theatrical or movie releases.
    Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a manner that violates the law of any applicable jurisdiction.
    Licensee shall not claim copyright or attribution of Licensed Content.
    Licensee shall not use the Licensed Content in a pornographic or defamatory manner, whether directly or in context or juxtaposition with other materials.
    3. Term and Termination
    The license contained in this Agreement terminates automatically without notice from Seller if Licensee fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement. Upon termination, Licensee must with immediate effect stop using the Licensed Content, destroy, delete and remove the Licensed Content from Licensee’s premises, computer systems and storage. Licensee must also make all reasonable efforts to ensure that copies of the licensed content are removed from any locations it has been distributed to.
    4. Exclusive Licensed Content Pricing
    If you purchase an asset an an exclusive price, you are also bound by all terms in this License (c). An exclusive price means that the item from that point onwards will be delisted from the Scirra store and no longer for sale. Non exclusive licenses may have already been sold up to that point. Use the sales figures published on the items page for indication of how many have been sold to date. Licensed Content purchased at an exclusive price are permitted for use on unlimited projects within the terms of this Agreement.
    5.	Refunds
    If you receive a refund for payment of Licensed Content in part or full, your license is terminated with immediate effect and you must follow all termination procedures listed in (c3). If you purchased Licensed Content at an exclusive price it may be relisted for sale in the store.[/code:1mq0ie5o]
  • Would it be possible to add a yes/no option to a message box, such as "Do you want to save?" or whatever?

  • Answered the last question over email a while back but for anyone else who's wondering, yes you can do this. You just need to create a Controller_Menu object and a few Spritefonts for the selections, then set the values. The title screen has a simple menu for reference.

  • This kit is awesome !!

    Started making a Metroidvania with my friend, had lots of useless events, didn't even know you could make 1 massive world filled with rooms, didn't know anything about how to truly us Functions. Hell, I even learned a lot about something as basic as use of layers and variables xD

    When I checked the kit I understood I basically knew nothing, so I made / copied the entire kit from scratch to absolutely understand what everything does. If you're new I recommend to this too ! You'll learn a lot

    So what it comes down to: if you're new to C2 / making games ( regardless if you want to make a Metroidvania or not), just buy it if you're serious about it. You will learn more than you could just browsing forums and opening a capx example here and there.

    As for most features that were requested, as Tokinsom said it's really easy to implement. When you understand the way it's all set up, you can play around with it and expand easily on the base kit. Because of this kit our game looks great now, is coded efficiently, the list of positive things goes on and on.

    Thanks to Tokinsom for making this kit & for being so active and helping on forums !

  • Thanks Ataraxis that means a lot! I'm glad you're finding the game kit useful

  • Just bought the kit and initial expressions are great Lot's of stuff going on under the hood here and it's all well commented. I'll post a review once I've had more time with it.


    Posting my review here on the forums too:

    [quote:3mlpmiuc]This is a great template. It's well structured and commented. Really showed me how to do things the right way and helped me kickstart my C2 development.

    By studying how everything works you can use this as a starting point to modify your own metroidvania (or any kind of platformer really). Or you could learn from the project structure, events and assets and start your own game from scratch with an understanding on how to do it well.

    I'm now creating a platformer, with some metrdoidvania elements. Without this template it would've taken me ages to learn all that's included here.

    The included assets are also nice. I'm going to create my own assets but I might use/modify a couple of the assets in the template.


    Also, forgot to mention in the review that Tokinsom has been very helpful in answering all my questions on support e-mail.

    I've been now copying the whole thing from scratch like Ataraxis suggested. I've really learned a lot doing that

  • Metroidvania game kit is currently 50% off!!! Happy holidays!

  • it's possibile to replace the asset with larger png non pixel? i like to make something HD,thanx.

  • it's possibile to replace the asset with larger png non pixel? i like to make something HD,thanx.

    Yes the kit doesn't use any hard numbers; it's all adjustable!

  • Great stuff!

    Just a question:

    I will like to know what kind of programming/scripting knowledge do I need for build my own levels, customize it and ultimately create my game.

    Im not a programmer but an artist so will love to pick it up if its affordable enough for me


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