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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Ok, I understand what you're saying and you're right, features and implementation are what counts here and not the gameplay (which should be adjusted by users to fit their own projects anyway). The template looks good, I was just tempted to try it out after seeing the video. Good luck with the project, it's obvious a lot of time was put into this and you deserve to see some sales!

  • Sorry guys, I don't do demos for many reasons. In this case, well, it's a gamekit. The gameplay isn't necessarily where it shines, rather the systems behind it. I've seen bad reviews on template demos because they "weren't fun" or whatever...and that's not fair. The purpose of them isn't to be fun, it's to teach. I put together the trailer and feature lists so you have a very good idea of what this gamekit consists of. There's even a screenshot of the whole project structure in-editor.

    I'm sure there will be more reviews in the future. So far I've mostly been getting PM's and emails. So, if you're reading this, I greatly appreciate the feedback, but please leave your reviews on the scirra store instead!

    This doesn't make sense. Even without gameplay being central, someone that have interest in buying that will want to test the features in a working demo. I would never purchase a template without a chance to try a demo.

    But it is with you. You do what you want with your product. I just think you are limiting a lot the potential for this product to sell.

    Btw this looks to be a great template. Good luck with the sales.

  • Renfd Well, frankly, that's what reviews are for. I encourage you to read Kamizoto's comments in the last page or wait until there are more reviews; it's been on the store for under a month and can be a bit complex for some users so it'll take some time. Aside from that, all I can tell you is I've been developing games, prototypes, and tools in Clickteam and Scirra software for over 8 years. I wouldn't put something on the market if it wasn't a solid product through and through.

    I have my reasons for not releasing a demo. Another one, if I really must explain myself, is to prevent asset theft, something I've the unfortunate experience of dealing with in the past. It's not exactly rocket science with browser games. People have even gone so far as to rip and doctor assets from my youtube videos!

  • Hi, r3 still respawn the missile tank when go back and forth to the room... infinite missile tank. Otherwise, real nice, clean coding, easy to understand, learn from and customize, tks a lot.

  • emixam23 Ah. Just found a long standing oversight there. Objects aren't destroyed in old rooms until the room transition is complete and new room objects are created. This makes the IIDs of the new room items higher than they should be because the old room items still exist.

    It's not the easiest fix, unless I just destroyed items the instant a room transition begins, but that would be weird. I'll figure something out and update soon.

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  • Tks for the follow up, for now, line 48 ; eRoomSystem I put call CheckItems---Wait 0.001sec---CheckItems, some sometimes they dont appear at all, when they do, at least they disapear quickly so u cant pick them up. Aint perfect, but better than nothing (or better than something in that case ). That aside those wondering if it worth the price, it totally does. Been working long time on construct with no programming skills at all, have done stuff looking as good as this, but my events were messy, laggy with inconsistencies. This template is clean, structured, advanced but not programming wizardry advanced so u can figure it out. If anyone want to know how to create properly a game, buy this, learn, transform or create brandnew following the way he does it. Just sad it wasnt availeable 5 years ago.

  • This is an excellent template. A must have for people that starting learning and even for some people that has been around for a while.

    The source code is well written and documented.

    It has every single capability a metroidvania game has and you will be delighted to use to build your own game.

    Congrats and I wish you make many sales!

  • Glad you guys are finding it useful! If you have a review then please put it on the store page!

  • r4 is up. Items now have manual IDs to prevent them from reappearing after being collected. There was a recurring bug with the old method, and some users found it too confusing anyway with the way IIDs work with the room system.

  • Doors would be a nice future addition, if possible.

  • Hello there! This might come across as a really stupid question, but I'm asking anyway; is there anything I need to do to install this kit (and the other stuff bought from the store)? I'm a complete beginner to C2, and I don't know even what I should be searching for in order to install the kits and templates properly. Any advice (or links to the right place) would be really appreciated.

    Cheers folks!

  • EcorchePiggy

    All you need to do is to unzip the files to wherever you like and then double-click the capx file.

  • So it really was that simple... Lol. Thanks Rco250jmx. I take it it is just a whole project directory with everything set up in it to learn from / edit?

  • Would you consider doing an ''up and down trigger''? I've only seen a ''left and right trigger''. I would be willing to pay for this. I'm creating a big map and it would be a really interesting feature. Keep on the good work and have a nice day.

  • I haven't made a game in Construct yet, but I have a question. Could this be exported to run on mobile devices?

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