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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • This is a basic test of the character as I'm making him... i also have a 3d model of it to decide which version i'll go with in the end ... that will decide the overall look and feel of the game once it's finished. For now I'm using the pixeled version to design my animations and finish drafting my concept. It will be a hack/slash jump adventure type plataformer with maybe some puzzles sprinkled on.

  • Awesome!

  • hi,I have a problem, I can not run the game on construct 2, though I have the personal versions. I need help

  • hi,I have a problem, I can not run the game on construct 2, though I have the personal versions. I need help

    Hi Getrox.

    That is strange. What error do you get? Have you read the readme.txt file?

  • I solved the problem, thank you

  • Awesome! 😊

  • Hi there

    It looks cool.

    For my project i need to switch between two characters

    and i need camera controls: Zoom, follow character, fixed positions and animated. Is this possible?

    Does the template work in classic`?


  • Hi Wiredfly

    What do you mean with "2 characters"?

    The template support camera controls like follow a sprite or smoothly go to a location and zoom.

    The template only works in Constuct 2. I plan to upgrade it to Construct 3 later this summer.

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  • The template only works in Constuct 2. I plan to upgrade it to Construct 3 later this summer.

    On trying to load it into Construct 3, it brings up the addon/plugin box.

    Searching around, all but one of the plugins have already been converted to C3, and load in okay.

    The plugin that is missing, and prevents Epic Platformer from loading is "Spritefont+"

    The original creator of the plugin hasn't been online in 2 years, so they are unlikely to convert it.

    While I have asked in the plugin forum, if someone could kindly convert it, I would ask you if its possible you can use an alternative to the plugin incase it isn't converted soon?

    Is the plugin just used for the NPC/cutscene text boxes and could I just easily remove those events and it doesn't affect the rest of the project?

    I'm eager to continue work on my project

  • Hi Discmach

    I will enable support for C3 and it will happen this summer as promised

    Now I know that at least one person is waiting for this. I will try to hurry as much as possible. 😊

  • Hi all

    Both Construct 2 and Construct 3 is now supported!

    Download (https://www.scirra.com/store/downloads) version 1.5 to get the C3 template version.


  • Hi! I am very new to the more involved parts of C2/C3 and needed some assistance with two things in your template.

    1) Changing hit area: I made my character larger than the original size and need to increase the hit area of the melee weapon. How do I do that?

    2) Player dying when falling in pit/water: I needed to have the player lose all health when she falls in the water. I was trying to have a collision event between the playerbox and the water to make health -1 and start die animation, fade out and respawn but it doesn't work. Thoughts?


  • Hi tmrussell145

    1. When calling function CreateHurtArea you just adjust pararm2. 1 means 100%. So change it to e.g. 1.5 will increase hurt in the area to 150%. Hint: if DebugStateIsOn is 1 then you will be able to briefly see the actual hurt areas when you play the game.

    2. Can be solved this in many ways. I would add an instance variable to family Hurts named Damage. In group 'Player taking damage', in 'Is PlayerBox overlapping Hurts' I would reduce the Players health with the given damage from the variable Damage.

    Good luck with your game - and please provide a link to the game when it's finish. I would love to play it.

  • This was a big waste of money. The code is super messy and explains nothing. Don't even think of changing anything in it ether or the whole thing go's to glitch town. Plus no refunds on Scirra store. I put this so called "Template" in the best place possible. The trash bin.

  • Hi RetroGamer3.

    I'm sorry you feel that way. You are the very first person that dislike the template :-/

    Could you please be more precise about the problems you face? Or what you expected from the template? I would be happy to improve the template if possible.

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