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Background Story generation templates. See the Arcade demo.
  • Epic Platformer — Now for sale in the Scirra Store!

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    Wanna create a cool Platformer?

    By using this template you can quickly create a super cool platformer game.

    The template contains a Construct 2 and Construct 3 version.

    The template contains a lot of ready-to-use logic. You just need to build levels and enhance the graphics to suit your style.

    Here is the list of features:

    • Basic movements
    • Camera movements
    • Save points (Check poins)
    • Ladders, nets and bars
    • Goodies (e.g. coins and gems)
    • Moving platforms (e.g. via way-points)
    • Teleporters
    • Zones (triggers)
    • Scenes (in game speak bubbles)
    • Weapons (gun, shotgun, machine-gun, grenade, flamethrower and lightning-gun)
    • 4 enemies type (static, moving, hunting, flying)
    • Doors, keys and secret rooms
    • Falling spikes and more

    The template is using 32x32 tiles and has a screen resolution of 480x320, which is perfect for pixel art but also good for more smooth graphics.

    The code is well commented and structured and the asset pack also contain a 7 page PDF document that explains how things works.

    Try the Demo at https://www.scirra.com/arcade/action-games/epic-platformer-15063).

    Extra tile maps can be found here:




    UPDATE 1.5 (20. june. 2017):

    • Support for Construct 3 added.

    UPDATE 1.4 (12. mar. 2017):

    • Jumpers added (when player land on sprites of this family he jumps very high)
    • Creepy eyes added (static environment thing that looks at player in a creepy way)
    • Input handling is now less bloated (code wise).
    • Fixing a bug where Bat did not attack if player was hanging on a robe/bar.
    • Fixing a bug where Bat was stuck in a jumpthru tile.
    • Fixing a bug where player did not climb down correct ladder (if level had more than one ladder).

    UPDATE 1.3 (2. feb. 2017):

    • Gamepad control did not work. Old code was packed in version 1.2 (Sorry <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=":roll:" title="Rolling Eyes"> ). .

    UPDATE 1.2 (1. feb. 2017):

    • Player can now move while shooting with weapons - except heavy weapons flamethrower and lightning gun.
    • Gamepad control added (Left Analog=Move, A=Jump, B=Shoot, X=Change Weapon).
    • Some minor bugs fixed.

    UPDATE 1.1 (4. jan. 2017):

    • Wall jump added
    • Touch control added (see level 5)
    • Player will now not takes damage the first 2 seconds after spawn.
    • Tile set has more detailed graphics.
    • Bones, moss and cracks added to the Environment object
    • Some minor bugs fixed
  • Awesome work!

    You engine have also the feature for the player "wall strafe/jump" ?

    Thanks !!

  • Hi NaSTy


    No not currently, BUT I'm working on an new version that will contain wall jump and other improvements!

    The new version will be finished during January 2017

  • I'm considering adding something like this:

  • perfect !! template purchased!!

    Waiting for updates!!

  • Thanks!

    And please let me know if you think something else is missing in the template

  • Sure,

    please add a layer with mobile control buttons (that can be hidden/disabled on desktop and visible/enabled on mobile devices)

  • Ok. Will do that!

  • do support gamepad? i wanna purchase but w/out gamepad i don't play/make nothing,thanx.

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  • Hi Bigibby01

    Gamepad? Why not. It should be no problem to implement that. I will go into that during next week.

    Keep an eye on this thread, I will make a post when it is done. 😊

    EDIT: Got it working on my machine! Will make a new release of the asset within a week or two (I'm currently working on some improvement that I would like to include in the update).

  • Hello,

    I purchased your template and I can't get the file to open because the plugin and behavior add-ons aren't installed. I didn't see any of the .caddon files in the plugin and behavior folders so that I can install. Is there something missing or am I supposed to install them a certain way?


    And never mind! I figure out that I had to use the install path method. Everything's working. Great template!

  • Hi YoHoho.

    I'm glad you got it working. The readme file should explain how to installed the extra plugins

  • Looking awesome rly, great job!

    I will love to know what kind of programming/scripting knowledge do I need for build my own levels, customize it a little bit and so on.

    I'm on the artist side so will love to pick it up if its affordable enough for me


  • Hello, I also purchased your template. Controller support would be really nice.

    I also noticed if you fire a gun the character stays in place and can’t move for the duration of shooting. He´s basically glued to the floor.

    Can this be modified, to allow a more run-and-gun style of gameplay? Think of something like MegaMen for example.

  • I will love to know what kind of programming/scripting knowledge do I need for build my own levels, customize it a little bit and so on.

    I'm on the artist side so will love to pick it up if its affordable enough for me

    Hi chosensha. One of the top strenght in Construct 2 is how easy it is to create the logic in your game. You do not need to know anything about scripting or even programming. If you are very new to Construct 2 then I would recommend to download the free version and play around with it for a while. When you select New, Project (in Construct 2) you will be presented with many small templates (including a very small platformer template) that are included within the tool. Spending some hours playing around with them will give you a good hint about what it takes to "do programming" in Construct 2.

    Regarding building levels using the Epic Platformer template, it is all about using the designer in Construct 2 and place graphics (drap & drop or copy & paste) on layouts and layers to make an interesting level.

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