PlayMaker* for Unity 3D sale going on now!

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  • PlayMaker Sale

    Hey guys, thanks to shinkan, I've discovered the PlayMaker plugin for Unity 3D (which is free to download).

    And the plugin, usually $95, is currently available for $45! If you are a student, or have been in the military, you might even be able to get a lower price!

    So I thought I'd let everyone know about this limited time offer.

    GameMaker Homepage

    Oh and here is the PlayMaker Homepage, if you would like to learn more about it. It is a codeless plugin for Unity 3D.

    I hope this helps somebody save some money!


    Update: So I practiced what I preach, and I purchased Playmaker after much review and consideration. If you have any questions regarding it, I'm in a much better position to respond at this point, though know that I haven't even begun playing with the editor itself yet, so I'm far from perfect in my knowledge of it. Purchase and installation was extremely easy, and now playmaker is directly integrated into unity.

  • PlayMaker - not GameMaker :)

    GameMaker is... that's another story :D

  • Hahaha oh that is tender... <img src="smileys/smiley30.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Thanks shinkan!

  • Playmaker is better than Construct 2? ;p

  • Playmaker is better than Construct 2? ;p

    Nope, just thought that the codeless members of the C2 community might like to know about a codeless option for 3D game development that happens to be on sale. I know I think it sounds inviting.

    But as far as I can tell it is very different from C2, plus the free version of Unity 3D doesn't include several critical features for deployment: (features comparison). --- see "build size stripping" under deployment...and of course many other things.

    So really they are very different and used for very different things. But PlayMaker is a really cool option for someone using Unity 3D...and it's on sale :)

  • teahousemoon - this actually looks kind of cool. I had a play with Unity 3D a while ago, and while I was impressed with it's power, I thought that it would take too long for me to learn. The state diagrams that you use to create your game look simple enough.

    So what are the pros and cons of using playmaker? How long would it take to upskill and be reasonable proficient with it to make simple games?

  • I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but this resource should be able to provide you with the responses you're looking for without much difficulty: PlayMaker Community.

    If you feel you get a decent grip on the answer to your own question, feel free to reply back here, as I'd be curious myself.

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  • member showcase (playmaker)

    This is a great resource for looking into the potential for gamemaker. Particularly, look at Xenoid Maze.

    I'm thinking this is an excellent 3d codeless tool. But I am having trouble deciphering how future-proof/sustainable it is, and how practical it is to rely on for a moderately large project, particularly cross platform. It is interesting to point out that this is also created by a 2 person team.

    Anyways I'd love to learn more.


    Edit: check this out: info

    What I thought was most facinating about the above is that it talks about a user creating applications with it (not games). That is important to me, too. But lots more than that, read it.

    Still, I'm skeptical because of its release timeline. I guess I'm spoiled by C2, but with game dev tools I've come to judge them against C2s interactive productive pace. It is really a paradigm of software development in my mind.

  • The arrows pointing everywhere looks pretty silly and disorganised... Construct looks heaps more logical and efficient.

  • So essentially it's a Kismet for Unity?

  • $45 doesn't seem like much. There's a lot of talk about how Unity now rivals the Unreal engine. I wish I had the time to learn new software...

  • Haven't the -50% offer ended?

    It says August 20-27. I would get it, but I won't pay $95.




    It was still working.

  • inkBot, I didn't investigate kismet all that much yet, but yeah it seems that way.

    I'm now looking into both. Such good stuff.

  • $45 doesn't seem like much. There's a lot of talk about how Unity now rivals the Unreal engine. I wish I had the time to learn new software...

    That will probably never happen.

    Unity to Unreal is like "Star Crash" to "Star Wars".

  • That will probably never happen.

    Unity to Unreal is like "Star Crash" to "Star Wars".

    Star Crash? I've never seen it. Is it a new film?

    You might be right. There was a game released recently a few people reviewing it were surprised it was made using Unity. They thought it was made using Unreal. There was some discussion about unity vs. unreal, but I skimmed over most it. I did catch a part where someone said that unity graphics are good and improving, not great like Ureal, but unity is easier to use and learn. I haven't used either, so I hardly know. Both seem to be very powerful though.

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