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3D Car Pack 1
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3D models + Rendered Low-Poly Cars in isometric, top-down, and side angles.
  • Star Crash? I've never seen it. Is it a new film?


  • I had no idea Unity was that bad...

  • Lol, Star Crash looks hilarious - might have to watch the whole thing one day :) It might be a bit of an unfair comparison tho haha! Unity 3D might not be as good as the latest Unreal engine, but it's probably a lot cheaper and accessible. There have been some amazing games done on it, and I'm aware of a few commercial game releases on steam using it. Also it is possible to create mobile releases on it.

  • ^^

    It's not bad at all. I really like using Unity (but never have time to do proper assets, that's why I'm using C2:))

    The thing is, free version of Unity is very limited - and that's the second and final reason why I'm not using it.

  • uscript visual scripting tool

    This just got even more complicated (in terms of a decision)..

  • uscript visual scripting tool

    This just got even more complicated (in terms of a decision)..

    Yeah, played with it for a while. It's made like (ripp off) UDK Kismet.

    For me it was very hard to do something with it - I don't like those graph things. They always say it's easier (for workflow) but eventually you end up having impossible to read and understand net of boxes and wires...

    That's way I suggested Playmaker not uScript, Playmaker is more like C2 events.

  • yeah I've been reading more about it, and I have come to agree with you. Plus, with playmaker, if you cannot accomplish something, you can simply script it out, which is valuable for forcing you to learn to script. However, it appears that this is a rare necessity.

  • Just bought it!

    Excited, and intimidated, as tends to be the case. But ultimately, I think I made the right decision.

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  • Playmaker or uScript?

  • playmaker

  • oh, nice one.

    Play it for awhile and say what do you think of it and how they improve it, been only using early version long time ago but it was quite a fun to use.

  • I'll definitely be getting back to this, but I have a huge assortment of agenda's that I'm actively pursing, including getting my first C2 game onto the scirra arcade. In fact, I think I might finish that tonight.

    Thanks again for introducing me to playmaker, shinkan, I think you have greatly influenced my 3D application and gamemaking potential! And this is really important to me, so thank you.

  • It seems that Playmaker is the better choice if you're starting out or unfamiliar with scripting. I'm watching some of the videos and it's pretty interesting. It also seems that you can easily combine use Playmaker and uScript together. So starting out with Playmaker then adding in uScript if more precise scripting is needed seems to be a sensible way of doing things.

    A trial would be nice though.

    I'll probably try it out eventually. I'm pretty comfortable working with flowcharts (this one is one of several I made for a project once).

  • Creating games with playmaker for unity3d is a breeze.No more worrying about Scripting headaches.Almost all the essential scripts are already incorporated into playmaker.

  • dravenX, you seem to have advanced knowledge on the subject; do you know whether or not playmaker is looking to be updated to function within unity 4?

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