PlayMaker* for Unity 3D sale going on now!

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3D models + Rendered Low-Poly Cars in isometric, top-down, and side angles.
  • Playmaker is constantly being updated,so i dont see any reason why it won't function with unity 4.I found this video tutorial/intro for playmaker.

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  • Im bout to get it. Hopefully its not a rip off. But ive seen videos on it and it looks similar to kismet. I hope its as robust as people clame it is. If its like construct but in 3D i will be set lol. Construct is like the epitome of game making software. Wish me luck.

  • AarongamerX - let us know how you go, I'm interested to know if you'll be able to get a 3D game going fairly easily with PM. I had a look at Unity a while ago, but got distracted by other stuff.

  • I wasnt interesed to develop games with Unity3D, im waiting new IDE proves cross platform WebGL games

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  • The software is awesome. Ive been procrastinating a bit but the versatility is crazy with Play Maker. It's node based. You can basically script a game with basic nodes. Its like construct 2 and kismet combined. I reccomend it if u wanna do 3D but can't code.

  • Yeah, I haven't had time to delve into it too deeply yet but I've toyed with it and rummaged the forums; I'm confident that it's a quality FSM. I got a free copy of uScript also, but haven't gotten to test that out yet. It'd be great if either of them had nice websites and communities to go along with them; right now they're just good tools waiting to be used without much social structure around them.

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