The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone im ninjafedora and im 12 not so new to gamemaking ive used scratch and wanted to try something new, and i found construct 2 :)

  • Hi Peoples,

    I'm doing my game design course at Swinburne Uni in Melbourne, love this engine for its simplicity and easy of use.

    Love 3D games too but more than anything love the old school games of yesteryear such as Pac-Man, Mario Bros. and anything made by Sierra. :D

  • Hello all names Danny, I'm some what of procrastinator and well I've been doing Graphic arts since 06. Anyways if you need to know anything else about me feel free to message me!

  • Hello and welcome all new comers.

    Enjoy your stay <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi

    Well, thought I`d say hello!!

    I`m a bit of an oldskool gamer, finally trying to actually make some games rather than playing them!

    Been using C2 for nearly a week so far, and its pretty exciting actually making some progress - however, I`m finding out exactly how much I need to learn!


  • Hi :D i'm a videogame design student and i've been using construct2 for like a month, it's really a awesome tool for prototyping!

  • Hi, James Francis here from sunny South Africa, looking into Construct 2 to make a cross-platform game... Huge project, hope Construct 2 can be my saving grace

    <img src="smileys/smiley32.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Very impressed so far

  • Hi all, I'm Pascal, I am French and I am the co-webmaster of the French Community of Construct. I just realized that I had not thought to introduce myself.

  • Hi everybody. I'm goomba, i'm currently a student in a french Game Design,/Level Design school.

    I discovered Construct 2 a while ago but decidde to get a licence use it just few weeks ago. It's nice to see a community like this one.    <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Hi everyone my name is Peter and I am from Prague.Construct 2 is a super program.

  • Hyper casual Sunday-Painter-esque chap. Just playing around with it and enjoying it enormously.

  • Hello Everybody,

    Im new to scirra and so far I like it a lot.

  • <img src="" border="0" />

    Hello everybody,

    I'm pretty new in that forum, but first I'd like to say that I'm here because of the awesome Construct (2 and Classic), but also because I work with it since 3 mounths, do some little things, and so sometimes I need help with it.

    What about me ?

    Well... I don't like to talk about me in forums, actually members discover me with the time. But... All I can say about me is that I'm a big user of the UDK, and 3DS Max, so I work principally with the 3D, but you know, sometimes I like to do simple things : simple 2D games.

    That's all... I don't know what I could say other.

    If you have questions, just PM me :) .


  • Hey! Thought i'd might introduce myself! I've been around for a year now, so i'm a little late though.

    Anyways, I'm Fredrik from Norway. I have a bachelor in IT, Game Design, and also have a background within art. Right now i'm in the startup phase with a little indie company, and after a lot of experimentation with Construct 2, I'm finally focusing on one project, with the intention to go all the way!

    Lovin' the community here, and of course, C2 is such an extraordinary tool - so I'll most likely stay here for a while!

  • Hello hello,

    My name is Greg, i'm from France (Tour effeil, p�t�, jambon), I'm a graphic designer and I love video games. I've tried many software to make video games and Oh, the wild construct 2 appears !

    I'm kinda new to this, I have read many tutorials (for begginners mostly) and tried many experimentations with Construct 2, with the help of the awesome How do i.. thread.

    I wish to product a game that you and others will enjoy


    Anyway, hello and nice to meet you stranger !

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