The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I closed to finish to read all pages of manual!

    I'm samuele, i'm 16, i'm italian and my hobby is developing.

    I studyed with the totem's lair manual and now I want to develop with C2, the best Html engine in the web!! :D


  • Hi!

    I'm obviously new here, just decided to register and say hello after spending an afternoon playing with the free version of Construct 2.

    I'm an Illustrator and designer by day, but I've been fascinated with building games since I was a kid. In a dilletante way, sady. I've toyed with flash games, and a few game engines and programming languages, nothing deep, sadly. Still, I love toying with game ideas, even though nothing ever gets finished.

  • I`ve been using Construct 2 for a while now and never got around to posting here so I just wanted to say "hello" to everyone.

    I`ve been into game making for a long time now but always found that programming killed my creativity, art is my passion. I always wanted a tool that would allow me to make professional looking games without having to get too technical. Thankfully, that is now a reality and game making can finally be fun again.

  • Salutations, I'm gameseeker18 my name suggests I love to seek out rare and odd games. Been like that ever since I was 18, now I've kinda gotten to the point of my life where I want to stop searching for games, and make my own games. I really have no intention of making a profit from this type of HTML5 game maker, but I hear that HTML5 is going to be the new flash.

    Be that as it may, I'm glad to give this a go and I hope to make some new friends. ^^

  • Greetings! You can call me Kryon (which is my official nickname on gamemaking forums, when it comes to twitter and facebook accounts I use a different alias), and as you might guess, I'm pretty new around.

    I've been into game making for about ten years now, primarily using RPG Maker 2003 during my spare time, now I would like to try releasing an actual project on a more reliable and flexible engine and I thought Construct 2 was the way to go.

    I am currently working on the concept art for an Action RPG project to-be called Battles in the North. If you did get the reference, you have terrific musical tastes. I hope I can soon share some more details with you.

    Well all in all I suck at introductions so I hope I have not offended anyone, and my English is kind of rusty but I am glad to meet you all! See you around!

  • Welcome to all the various new comers.

    Still a lot of diversity in backgrounds and countries. You gotta love it.

    Keep it up guys and girls and welcome on the forums.

  • Hi everyone! My name's Chris. I'm a 26 year old New Yorker. I'm a musician, half a programmer and something of a designer, and I've been reading up on producing. I like both tight, responsive action games and games that tell a story or create an experience.

    I played with Construct Classic a few years ago, and I'm floored by all the great changes in C2. I'm excited to make great games, and to play great games that you all are making. My current WIP is an action platformer that gleefully borrows ideas from Strider 2 and Shinobi 3, while adding something else in.

    If anyone wants to reach out to me regarding composing some music for your project, go right ahead!

  • 26 year old interactive game designer, working in the online gaming industry making slots, skill games, and also Roulette. Before getting into the online gaming business I was creating games on the mhp platform, games on your television.

    I'am looking to collaborate with some people on here to make a game idea I have had for some time now,

    PM me if anyone is interested to get a project up and running.

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  • 20 Year old Web Developer from Australia. I've decided to take my skill set (Web Development) and merge it with my passion (Game Development). I'm currently building a HTML5 arcade system that will give publishers another revenue stream from their games. I look forward to working with all of the great developers here at Scirra.

  • Hi

    I'm Josua from Lloret de Mar (Spain).

    Game development as a hobby and I'm very happy to found Construct 2:)


  • Hello Everyone!

    My name is Elle from BoosterMedia. We are based in the Netherlands, and we are one of the leading mobile cloud-gaming networks that distributes (HTML5) mobile games via mobile portals for media companies, game websites, social networks and telecom operators. We have strong presence in Europe and South America, and now is expanding to Asian countries. Currently we are looking for more mobile contents to

    distribute in our portals (currently we work with 75 portals in 25+ countries). If you are interested in distributing your games in our portals, please feel free to contact me at

    Thanks! :)

  • Hello !

    I'm French and I have 21 years old. I'm student in law so nothing about game.

    I bought "construct 2" for make a game and some elements in html5 for a website. I would like make an MMORPG even if will be slowly.

    I can't say more about me because, even if i can understand english, i don't know write.. i will become better for you.

    See you soon.

  • Hello!

    My real name's Porawee Raksasin but call me zack2029 that's my

    nickname on several sites, I'm from Thailand.

    I'm a game developer in Studio Moji.

    I use "construct 2 free edition" develop "Marina Attack"

    but ours feature just need more, ours artist decided bought

    "construct 2" to develop "Marina Attack -Extended-" a shooting

    game from us that's a first most plays our game.

    If you need more information of ours game,


    visit us :

    contact us :

  • <center>I'm Egyptian,I like arting,listening to music,designing and acting. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /></center>

  • Hello, I'm beginner, I creating my first game for Facebook on C2.

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