The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi my name is Erick and i'm 16 years old.

    I know about construct from a classes that I had in my school to build a game in cosntruct 2.

    I'm brazilian and a member of a robotic team called Brazilian Storm #6404.

    nice to meet you guys!

  • Hi my name is faris nurrohman. I want to learn more about contruct 2

  • Hello i'm SoyeR from Brazil.

    All my life i like to play games, my favorite are RTS and 4-player screen games.

    I start develop games in 2017 with Legacy of Soyer (Paused) but for the IGMC i made the Lonely in the Winter.

    And now i want develop a game 2D action-adventure, so i heard about construct power and its that i'm looking for

    I probably will ask for help in this jorney

  • đam mê công nghệ,diễn đan này rất tuyệt

  • Through this I want to learn a lot of experience

  • hello im david smith i heard about construct 2 through youtube

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  • Helloooooo all ...

    My name is Sadhu from Indonesia. I am a freelance vector artist. Very interested to learn how to make games


  • Hi everyone.

    My name is Choi Han Yong.

    I'm from south Korea.

    I love Construct 2 but it is so difficult at me.

    I want make the simple web digital audio workstation.

    Thank you very much.

  • Hello?

  • I like saying🅾 🅾 🅵

  • Hello! I've always read these threads but it wasn't until I ran into some major trouble that I found myself registering and finally becoming a member. I should have done this many moons ago, but never did. I've developed a few games and now work with blockchain. I ran across a few hiccups along the way but I hope to resolve them with the help of this community and more trial and error. i am no pro by any stretch of the imagination, but I've done many things in my time & hope to maybe help a few of you who could use a hand. Hope to talk with you soon,


  • I am a teacher and use this tool to introduce games

  • Ghbdtn)

  • Greetings all! ... Now give me my REP! haha.

  • Hi!

    We are Pinpin Team. A game studio based in France created back in 2008.

    We already released lots of mobile games such Pyro Jump series (more than 4 million downloads), Vikings: an Archer's Journey.

    Our games are often featured by Apple.

    We started creating games with Adobe Flash, then move to Unity and then we discovered Construct 2 thanks to an employee.

    We now use both Unity and Construct 3. Construct is mainly used to prototype 2D games really fast!

    I hope you'll try our games available on App Store and Google Play/


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