The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Greetings all! ... Now give me my REP! haha.

  • Hi!

    We are Pinpin Team. A game studio based in France created back in 2008.

    We already released lots of mobile games such Pyro Jump series (more than 4 million downloads), Vikings: an Archer's Journey.

    Our games are often featured by Apple.

    We started creating games with Adobe Flash, then move to Unity and then we discovered Construct 2 thanks to an employee.

    We now use both Unity and Construct 3. Construct is mainly used to prototype 2D games really fast!

    I hope you'll try our games available on App Store and Google Play/


  • Hey there guys and gals!

    My name is Xanti in the online arena. I'm very new to this Game Development scene. I have fiddled with UE4 for a while, not making much progress.

    Construct 2 was recommended to me by Tim Ruswick of Game Dev Underground. He said to start out simple and this seems to be as simple as it gets.

    That by the way is a major compliment.

    So here I am!

    I'm here to learn the basics, make some beginner projects to learn the ropes and hopefully get to a point of at least a moderate

    mastery of this whole Game Development process. I aim to move on to bigger and better projects.

    It would also be nice to connect with some people who can help me along the way, that I can learn from, befriend and possibly partner with.

    Ultimately I hope to start my own Game Development Studio and possibly Publishing Company as well.

    I'm really excited to see where this goes. I can't wait to get started.

    You all keep on being your awesome selves and happy Development!


  • Hey

  • hello

  • Heyy! My name is Diego, I'm from Mexico and I know about construct thanks to my Informatics class where I learn a lot about Construct 2.

  • Greetings!

    I love games. I have spent hundreds of hours in them, at least. RPG and Strategy are probably my favorites, but sandboxes, FPS and others work too.

    I play only PC.

    Since 2017, I have started to dream about game ideas. Games I would like to see being made.

    Few ideas I have written down (spreadsheets), most of them has passed into Oblivion.

    I was thinking about passing my ideas to others with skills, but I have no money for such stuff and I really don't know, would anyone be interested in such stuff anyway. Thus I started trying playing around myself instead.

    I have even played a bit around with Java and Unity, but I can't say I am even a newbie with those. My interest has always died out quickly before reaching anything dramatic in my dreams.

    Today I decided to give a new chance. I asked around and was led to Construct 2 after showing my biggest spreadsheet idea about a game.

    So...let's hope I get something done this time? *weak smile*

  • Hello everyone, my name is Roman I got here because I want to try to make my first game)

  • hi guys, im new in this forum . and im learning how to make a game with Construct 2. This site had helped me a lot with my studies. And know im trying to learn more from this site. Thanks. Sorry if my english was bad

  • Hello! I just registered and I like it! I actually joined because of a game that you guys have called tank trouble. The awesome thing is that it is 4 PLAYER!! So I just thought about signing up and here I am! But the problem with the game is that when I go in the game, an "ad" shows up. Nothing it is shown in it and it says there are 5 seconds left on it, but the time doesn't move.🤔🤔 It makes me not be able to play the game, which is unfair. So please try to fix the problem.

  • I'm new...hope to be better than yesterday

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  • Hi all,

    I'm a pixel artist responsible for titles on a few old consoles. Presently working on a mobile game for iOS called Jetpack Jake. Have a nose here if you want to see more. At the moment just trying out Construct2 to see what it's all about.


  • Hi,

    I'm new in game industry, and I choose C2/C3 because it's simple and I can learn fast, hope someday I become a game developer

  • Hello! everyone.

  • Hi all,

    I just got a C2 license and am looking forward to seeing how far I can push this toy.

    I was quite active with RPGMaker 2 for playstation 2 years ago. I'm using the same username I had on the 3 forums related to that game in which I was active (RPGMakerpavilion, RPGMakerMagazine, and DoansDomain) so if anyone here remembers me from there - say Hi!).

    I was the crazy hippy who was making The Clean Underwear Quest.

    I hope to recreate it with Construct2 since I can't get my old RPGMaker2 disc to work, and it was very limited in terms of making a big game.

    I look forward to getting to know the people here.

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