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  • Saya Asep wajah..Asing bukan nama saya..?tapi bukan nama yang di perlukan .Indonesia kami di lahirlah kami akan mencoba memperkenalkan game sport buat anda.sebagai aflikasina yang memberi anda nuansa adrenalin..selamat mencoba

  • Hello all,

    I'm Donjamin and have been using Construct 2 since 2014 - having recently released a game and founded software studio State of Things Ltd.

    I think Construct 2 is an awesome computer language (for that surely is what it is?) that allows more people to get into development. This has got to be a good thing.

    Glad to be here, and hopefully to give back to the community.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Hello all.

    I've been using Construct 2 and have a member of the forum for a little while, but never posted because I keep finding answers to all my questions during my pre-posting searches!

    So I guess I'll post here and say thanks to all those who answer people's questions and make life easier for so many more than just the ones asking

    I've been around the web for a long time making websites, running forums, and generally being annoying to those who are easily annoyed by naughty people enjoying silly things.

    I used to make flash games and before that I was a big fan of Enterbrain's PlayStation2 game-making-game, RPGMaker 2. It's ways of doing things is actually similar to Construct 2, so that helps me a little bit.

    Thanks again to all the helpful members and staff who answered all the questions I had and found by searching without needing to post

  • I think construct 2 is great for building games for people that never coded like me.

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  • Saw Du

  • Hi, I'm from Finland. I heard this app from my friend. Now I am going to go to check what it will be...

  • Hello There! I am interested in geme development but still learn programming.

  • Hi, I am from the University of Thessaly in Greece and I am interested in developing games for educational purposes. Especially for serious gaming applications

  • hello yes i have no iea what i am doing

    so please send help

    i just want happiness

    please help

    i am horribly bored



    H E L P


  • I am someone and that is it!

  • hi there.. Alek here, i´m glad to be in this forum and i´ll be making a lots of quetions cuz i´m really interested in making video games...

  • I am just a normal school girl. And as like others I just want other students to be able to enjoy games like me.

  • Hi Team,

    I'm really excited on how this thing works. I am always a fan of any computer games. Now, I want to be a Game Developer. I want to create my own games and soon be a real developer. I hope I can learn from here as much as possible. I may enroll to a Game developing course real soon...

  • i'm fat ;~;

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