The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • I am just a normal school girl. And as like others I just want other students to be able to enjoy games like me.

  • Hi Team,

    I'm really excited on how this thing works. I am always a fan of any computer games. Now, I want to be a Game Developer. I want to create my own games and soon be a real developer. I hope I can learn from here as much as possible. I may enroll to a Game developing course real soon...

  • i'm fat ;~;

  • My name is kadian and just finish up my first term Toronto Films School awesome experience , expand beyond myself learn more , enjoy what i do , with all compassion awesome to be here

  • Hi, I am Christy from US (California). I love to play Flash Games. I am a Student and currently learning Graphic designing. Looking forward to discuss games and part of it.

  • hello

    my name is raimy im from malaysia and i 14 years old i like to play video games example simple games Dota 2,LOL,minecraft other than that i also like to hack my neighbour wifi password if you ask why because it good not good la because it feel bad everyday my dream is to become gamedeveloper one day im going to make my own company.

  • hi

  • Letys Go

  • I am 21 years old and Construct 2 is a key tool in game creation! Let's create games !! : D: D: D

  • Hello. I'm 22, I'm a web developer. I learned about Construct 2 a long time through google. I decided just now to try

  • I'm a... "Game Developer" if you wanted to call it that; and I normally use Unity 5 to create games, and I was looking for a Tank ".io" game that I could play, but I couldn't use due to an ad blocker I use (I disabled it) and an extension that blocks sites from tracking me (I allowed them to track me) and I still couldn't play! So I was looking for an online version, and I found one that wasn't too good but sufficed. Then the game maker caught my eye. So, as I would, I clicked on it; and I signed up, and that's that.

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  • Я давно мечтал делать свои игры. Лет с 6... И вот я нашел урок по Construct 2. Меня сразу удивило то, что не зная языка программирования можно создавать полноценные игры. С тех пор я стал увлекаться созданием игр, и сделать свою команду по созданию игр!

  • 一个HTML5 初学者

  • Hi all. I'm gonxging ^^. Nice to see all. I have a passion with playing game. Now I want to make game. Hope you can help me and let's share tips.

  • Hello, i am dakota. i am new here and cant wait to learn more.

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