The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • minigame has entered

  • Hey, I am excited to make a game, and hope this will help me in the process!

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  • hey

  • Hello everyone!

    My name is KnightWaX, and I am excited to be developing on this engine. I am going to be making a 2D side scroller for my Animation Senior Project. I am a big fan of interlaced open world games, like Dark Souls or the Metroidvania genre. I'll be able to interlace my game as well as it gets bigger. If anybody has any information on how to create melee collision on this engine I would greatly appreciate it.

    A pleasure to meet you all!


  • Hello,

    I am shaman, healer, SW architect and games fan.

    I like the development of the games, but I have not made much of them yet. So now I hope it will improve


  • Hi hi, new to this. Have always wanted to make a game(as I'm sure everyone here has lols), but couldn't do it myself. Hoping this works out for me.

  • Hey!

    I am the one and only KaiSIR, and slightly new to the whole making a game stuff, though I have a lot of experience in Python and HTML!

    I'd love if someone would be able to help me around.

    Anyway, see you guys around!

  • Hi! My name is Lisa. I've been playing different games for many years. I really enjoy them! I've found this forum on Google and decided to register. I'm glad to be a part of the community! Cheers!

  • Hi everyone!

  • Hello, My name is Gabriel and I'm in the process of making a beat'm up game in the style of Double Dragon, Crime Fighters, Final Fight, etc....

    I'll be posting questions on how to do certain things. I've seen only a few beat'm up tut's online mostly on just geting a sprite in there and how to move it around. I want to get my characters to fall down and flop around and drop weapons that can be picked up.

  • Hey all,

    I am a coder (learning c# with unity, know lua very well using corona sdk)

    I am currently building a mobile game (android) that will be released on several play stores, contact me if youre interested in joining (full revenue pay + credit + citation for resume)

  • Hey!

    I am going to be making a 2D game for my Final Year Project.

    Not very good in this. Hoping this works out for me.

  • Hello, I'm Silver, a young, aspiring game designer. Sadly, I can only use the free version of Construct at this time, but I hope I'm one day able to use a more advanced version of the program.

  • Hello! My name is Danilo. I am Systems Analyst and passionate about technologies. I currently work with consulting for ERP systems. I like programming in Java and I like mobile games.

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