The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, my name is Heka. I am starting out as a begineer construct 2 user. I am making my first platform game and i would like to thank everyone for accepting me in this community. I would like to frequently ask questions and would thank everyone in advance for any help provided.

  • vv

  • Hello! My name is Amy Sutton. I am a Technology Teacher and IT director for a small, private Christian school. This year I started using a curriculum that utilizes this site. I am setting up my own account to become familiar with it before I get my students started. I am ecstatic to learn about building apps for myself as well. I have an extensive background in IT and know all of the concepts involved with programming, dabbling in many different programming languages. I also hold a degree in web design.

    Many thanks to the creators of this site. I can't wait to delve in.

  • Hiya!

    I'm Alex and I have mad <3 for retro games. So much even that I want to try developing one on my own.

    Hope you play my game sometime in the future ;3

  • Hola gente del foro, soy de Colombia, nuevo en esto de crear juegos, si desean darme algún consejo todos son bienvenidos.


  • Heyo! Nice to meet you guys!

    I'm one more of those "always wanted to make a game but xyz reasons are on the way" kind of guy, but I hadn't given up yet!

    I hope we get along well ^^

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  • Hey guys! *holds pencil* I'm newh heeer

  • Hi everyone, my name is Liam and I am brand new to the world of gaming development. I hope to learn as much as possible and am glad to be here.

  • Saya seorang developer yang terus ingin belajar menjadi developer handal

  • wus poppin jimbo

  • I live in California in San Fernando valley I am ten years old and I found out about construct when I asked my technology teacher what apps I could use to make games.

  • I can not wait to play construct

  • Hello all !

    I'm new and glad to be here , have a good day !!!

  • I am a fun, crazy, silly, and fun person. I love candy and partying! I love hanging out with people and my most fav game is Roblox I play it like all the time. always be happy _sharayu_ or ( candy )

  • Hi everyone, im new here, my name is Besnik. Im trying to create a game, i might need some help.

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