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    Now that I have your attention I may proceed to talk about my dream to become THE GREATEST (not really ) PROGRAMMER!

    I've had a dream about creating a game about a friend of mine since... ~drifts off~ What was I talking about? AH yes! I am new to construct 2 and ready to learn? Yeah that must be it.


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  • I'm a software developer.

    Making a game is one of my hobby. I am a just beginner.

    The Construct3 is very easy to build a simple game. So I try to learn how to use it.

  • Hi!!!

    I am new here!!!

  • Hi!!!

    I am new here!!!

  • Hello

    New to this thread, just downloaded construct 2 and about to get to work! See you guys on the other side

  • hi all

  • Hi everyone. This is Silvia from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am new in the game development world. I am mostly interested to develop games for kids.

  • Hello world!

    I'm busy working on 2d platform terrain generation and my head, or my pc, may explode any day now.

  • Hi :v

  • Hi, I am from India, I found Construct 2, through Steam, I looked up Game Maker, and Construct 2 was being suggested to me. Why I chose this over Game Maker was because it was free to learn and try. And I am just learning game development as a hobby, not as a career, so I want to spend as less money as possible.

  • Estou criando um jogo de aeronave que o se mover com as setas, usando o behavior 8Direcion. Eu gostaria que ele se movesse com a inclinação do celular ou do tablet, como um volante. Alguém saberia como fazer?

    I'm creating an aircraft game that has like arrows, using 8Direction behavior. I would like to have a slant on the phone or tablet, like a steering wheel. Would anyone know how to do it?

  • Hola a todos como estan?. Es un placer pertencer a este gran e importante grupo. Espero aprender mucho de ustedes y poderles compartir mi conocimiento de construct 2, en lo que se pueda.

    Tambien he necesitado ayuda para la conversion de mi video juego a apk, para provarlo en un dispositivo android!! Si alguien ha tenido inconvenientes que posteriormente halla resuelto y me pueda ayudar le agradesco..

    Estoy tratando de hacerlo por el compilador de!!

    feliz semana....

  • Hello everyone, just created and account and heard about this program, im 17 and studying programing and I want to make a 2D game and launch it on play store one day, is Construct 2 good for this? If not any tips or advices, thank you so much, im new to this so anything would help. Cheers

  • Hello everyone

  • Im Slinky

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