The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello to everyone,

    I have received a lot of help from this community, so I decided to introduce myself. At school, I studied telecommunications, and in the informatics hours, I was taught the basics of C ++. It was not enough to allow me to develop a game, but thanks to Construct 2 I'm succeeding. Now I'm trying to develop a platform game for Android. Thanks to the whole community for the various tutorials and forum answers.

  • whatup friends, am new here. if there's any tutorials that really help please feel free to send them on or link? <3- Chris

  • Hello community,

    I am a newbie and want like more people to make games, and finally I found a very interesting software.

    I'm happy to be here and thank you in advance to you for future help.

    With kindest regards

  • hi

  • Hi, I am Mayers Matthew T. Degorio. I am from the Philippines, I am 20 years old and an IT student in Ateneo de Davao University. I am an aspiring game developer and I would love to develop games of my own someday.

  • Meu nome é Guilherme e tenho quase 8 anos! Estou usando esse aplicativo porque faço um curso de Programação Robótica no SuperGeeks.

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  • Flintstone, GA USA

    I found Construct investigating various game IDEs for K-12.

  • Привет, я Дархан, проживаю в г.Алматы! Теперь я програмист

  • Hi,

    I enjoy playing video games and always wanted to be able to make one. I feel honored to have the chance to use the software and be part of this community . Hello everybody

  • Hi all,

    Wouter here. I am a UX-researcher turned Play Researcher. Had an idea for a musical game. Use Construct to try. Can ask me anything about playtesting. Will ask you about devs. Scriptkiddy but no formal coding.

    Looking forward to learn and contribute.


  • Wowter HI welcome to the scirra community! <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy"> Try out my game here

  • Em breve atualização em construção!

    Quem tal novos conteúdos e dinâmica...

  • Hello Everone!

    I'm from Kentucky originally, but work in the NE United States. I've been looking for a good 2D game engine to build quick prototypes of game ideas, and I learned about Construct through a Google search. Most of the games I'd like to build have to do with text parsing and natural language processing. Looking forward to getting started! Hit me up if you have similar interests.

  • Hi. I hope all is easy and free.

  • Hello my nickname is lunarist.

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