The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I am interested in Gaming! I have a MASSIVE idea for a game! I need to get a team together to help with this project. Anyone interested?

  • Hi to everybody!

    It's my first notice here

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  • Hi I'm Stephen Cameron

    I have tried Unity and Gamemaker, but I'm really not interested in learning code. I just want to try making some simple games where I can concentrate on the graphics and the way it plays.

  • Hello! I'm working on a 2d platformer with hand drawn art. Any feedback would be much appreciated. I am still in very early development. Currently doing everything on my own. I have been redrawing things as my skills improve. Enjoying learning how to develop my game in construct. Check out my website if you have time!

  • Hello!

    I'm brazillian and I'm on a game school, so my teacher asked us all to download construct 2 and use it to make a game! I'm loving it btw!

  • sou de maceio-al

    tenho 30 anos

    e sou curioso kkkk

  • just joint this. im new to game development. im been learning unreal engine 4. i plan to learn construct as well.

  • I am evair and I've been trying to make a game for 5 months from now but failed because of lack of skill of making games. and I've tried unity, unreal , game maker, game salad, and Godot but failed at all then I came upon your videos and I thought why not give it a try. so I guess right now I'm going to give it a try. , p.s. I'm sorry for bad grammar

  • Hey guys and gals,

    My name is Mike. I'm currently a .Net developer mostly working on business applications but I love tinkering around with game design. Just joined up to learn a bit more.

  • Hi im here for the free medal ;P

  • Hi everyone,

    My name is Cillian, and I'm a hobbyist artist, musician and game developer living in Ireland.

    I just recently made my first public game in C3 for the C3 Jam, so Construct 3 is the first engine I ever released a game with.

    I've used C2 in the past but never really made any successful projects with it.

    I'm mainly here for the medal

  • Hello. I'm an experienced business software developer (Java, DotNet). I'm interested in creating a 2-d shooter where the player throws things like rotten eggs, etc. at a variety of targets. Looks like this framework could make that pretty easy.

    I'm currently trying out the free version. Would appreciate a rundown on the debugging experience in the free vs paid versions and any newbie tips and tricks to keep in mind.


  • I don't have any project ideas or sprites. But i love construct 2 . Any one pls help me guyzz

    i am not a beginner of c2 . i have the license of c2 . But no ideas to make a good game ever no sprites

    i want to make a game that no one made please help me

  • my name is Mahesh,

    I am just 17 years old

    I have a big dream of becoming a game designer

    and I love this software

    thank you

  • Game ideas anyone?

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