The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey guys,

    My name is Kyan Valipour. I'm an aspiring developer. I do not have experience coding or anything, but I'm interested in developing fun games for both education and indie. I am currently studying Learning Technologies, and I thought maybe this would be a great way for students to learn within instructional material. So, I'm here to give it a shot and hopefully create something entertaining and engaging for all audiences.

    I'm going to go ahead and buy the Personal licence to see how it goes. Wish me luck! And thanks for having me within the community!

  • всем привет...я юный разработчик игр решил испробовать эту программу...но и без нее создавал игры с помощью прогромирования)

  • New to Construct 2. Have played around with the RPG Maker series of software, about 3 different versions, and just looking for something a bit more advanced and with more options. Found Construct 2 just by doing a google search for easy game makers and this came up on a blog list.

  • Hello everbody,

    This is my first forum things. that good starts.

    Ok. I have a lot's of games ideas etc.. I try some to put play markets? I want to see is that workng from me?

    How do i put game to play apps? I have personal licence, but i can't see my export mobile places IOS or Android platforms? What do i have to do do?? Thank you.

  • I am girl gamer, come add me 0 SR in overwatch Hi

  • Hi, i'm Dbpfahl, begginer in game development, brazilian, i'll try to make my first game with construct 2, i hope i can get help when i need to. And that's it! Sorry for my english.

  • Hi. I'm not much of one for introductions, so ya...

  • Hello, I'm Dimitrios, and I've been waiting to see a Construct 2 discount for 2 or 3 years (black Fridays, new years etc). I've been introduced to Construct 2 by a Udemy course about 3 years ago, and wanted to buy it ever since, in order to complete the course. Now I've finally seen a discount and it's time to buy.

  • Hello my name is bangpid, still learning about construct

  • Hi Im the ODD CREATOR from TN

  • Hello guys, I'm Pwnetheus I hope to learn much.

  • Ehm, i think im a little bit late. But better now than never. I`m Cryttexx. I have not as much experience with programming but i always was interested in it. So i think Construct is an easy solution to start making a game without knowledge.

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  • Hi. Im Videf. Waddup

  • hello, Kiv here. I started in this world of creating games recently. I haven't the knowledge to programing, i'm just a beginner.

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