The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi my name is Oscar i am a 16 year old boy who is looking to be a video game designer when i grow up. I am hopping this program will help me achieve my dream so i can learn how to create my own games.

  • Hello everyone!

    Feels good to be part of Construct 2 community. Need all your support and well wishes.

  • Hallo, I'm Janneke.

    My grandson told me about construct, so I try to keep up to him.

    I'm from Holland and to old to tell my age!!

    Let's see if I also can make a game for him.

  • Hey my name is NUFF.

  • Hi my name is Ali.

    I make games in my spare time, so far I've made a few arcade style games which have been rather simple.

    Looking to create something a little more complexed, like a platformer, and see if I can make something y'all will enjoy.

    Watch this space....

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  • Hello everyone

    I make little games on my free time, trying to advance in the field of video games.

    I hope my next creation will hold your attention and have fun as much as me when I have created.

    Waiting for your feedback !

  • HEllo

  • Howdy folks. Jeff, here, I currently live in the Baltimore, MD area, after 30+ years in northeast Ohio.

    Just checking out the platform for some basic game creation. I'm looking to create concentration style games and maybe embed them in an app. I'm sure I will be asking a ton of questions.

  • hello I am interested in creating games that I love, so I hope we get along !!! and to see if I learn a little more around here.

  • Feels good to be part of Construct 2 community.

    I am Thai.

  • Hi My name is kalorfafy. I've been making games for around 1 year,my interest in pc games,My favorite game series is Overlords of war, it's amazing

  • Hi, I'm MinecraftM153.

    I use c2 VERY often. It's so easy, i got started right away without peeking a single eye in the tutorials. (I did peek, after i got a little advanced.)

    That's it.

  • Hello i am wanting to make a game I have never done it before but i want to start can you please give me tips

  • I'm starting now using this tool. I know a lot about c/c++ and another programing languages but this is my first time trying to understand how games are made.

  • Hi I'm Daniel. I'm a librarian at Bond University Library on the Gold Coast, Australia. I'm interested in creating games for students to teach them about library resources and research skills. Currently I just use things like Google Forms but want to get a bit more in depth. I heard about Construct 2 at a Librarian conference this week.

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