The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Howdy folks. Jeff, here, I currently live in the Baltimore, MD area, after 30+ years in northeast Ohio.

    Just checking out the platform for some basic game creation. I'm looking to create concentration style games and maybe embed them in an app. I'm sure I will be asking a ton of questions.

  • hello I am interested in creating games that I love, so I hope we get along !!! and to see if I learn a little more around here.

  • Feels good to be part of Construct 2 community.

    I am Thai.

  • Hi My name is kalorfafy. I've been making games for around 1 year,my interest in pc games,My favorite game series is Overlords of war, it's amazing

  • Hi, I'm MinecraftM153.

    I use c2 VERY often. It's so easy, i got started right away without peeking a single eye in the tutorials. (I did peek, after i got a little advanced.)

    That's it.

  • Hello i am wanting to make a game I have never done it before but i want to start can you please give me tips

  • I'm starting now using this tool. I know a lot about c/c++ and another programing languages but this is my first time trying to understand how games are made.

  • Hi I'm Daniel. I'm a librarian at Bond University Library on the Gold Coast, Australia. I'm interested in creating games for students to teach them about library resources and research skills. Currently I just use things like Google Forms but want to get a bit more in depth. I heard about Construct 2 at a Librarian conference this week.

  • CoderCoot

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  • Hello everybody,

    I' Mamer, glad to be with you!

    I'm the owner of spritmator! I hope to contribute in this amazing community!

  • Hello there,

    I just like to make and play games and thanks to Construct2 I can make and play my own games .

    Rodrigo Regio

  • Hello, I'm PurpleFanto and i'm developing a fan made overwatch pixel game hopefully in the style of the Konami Game Rush'n Assault.

  • Hello, , i want to explore Construct 2.

  • Hey, what's up? My name is Eduardo Inácio, now I'm 28 years old, graduated in Technology Management in Marketing from Faculty Fatef, and Technician in Visual Communication at Senac, am passionate about design, games, literature, comics, anime, series, movies and music.

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