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  • I'm Chi, I grew up with Nintendo and PC game. After all these years of playing I want to make a little of my own, and starting fresh with zero knowledge of coding and stuff. (at least I can do the art first right?)

    Well for now I am still at the very first step: find out which program is best for me

  • hi

  • Hello, children. I am thy Nickel Pickle!

  • Hello. I have seen Construct 2 on Steam before but paid it no mind, but now that I am developing my game design skills more I decided to check it out. The reason I am checking out Construct 2 is because I learned that this engine is easy to use and is great for beginners wanting to learn about game development as well as get into the industry.

  • Hey! I'm Aaron and I heard of this program through a friend and now we are going to be competing in a FBLA competition for making a video game. I have heard continuous support of this program and I am so excited and ready to use it. Can't wait to see the games that the community and myself can create. See you guys in my next project and can't wait to hear your thoughts.

  • Hi I'm from Canda

  • hi

  • hey

  • hello, im a beginner game dev from indonesia.

  • es hora de aprender a crear juegos saludos a todos

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  • Hello everyone! My name is Tyler, I am 14 years old, and I want to be a game designer. I have to say I really like Construct 2. It's super simple and easy to use, which is so awesome! I am very excited to be here

  • hi

  • Hi all,

    I'm from India, I'm a web dev cum hybrid mobile app dev. Have also made games before using Unity3D. Just saw Construct in a game called 'There is no game'. So, I wanted to try it out. Looks like it doesn't need any coding? But I can live with that!

  • hi everyone!!!!!!

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