The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Mitch, and I heard this from my teacher.

  • Hi all! I am Giang, a Vietnamese guy, learning Construct 2 to build my first Android's game!

  • ???

  • Hi My name is dylan and i am new to this game i have some cool games comeing out some old school for people that grew up in the 80's and the 90's like pac man i am gonna me somthin like that and others if u want me to post a game u like just txt me or wanna see my new post sub to my youtube DDXGameing 0X1 thank u and goodbye

  • Hello everyone, My name is Geovany and I am a future programmer! I currently am studying to get a degree in programming but have a strong interest in html5 as it is my first language I am learning. Im here to make friends and make awesome games! Get in touch with me lets connect.

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  • Hi! I am a long time instructional designer, teaching myself to develop games. Looking forward to learning from all of you!

  • eae, nao sei se rola fazer em pt-br, mas tamo ai. enfim, estou vendo um canal que ta ensinando a fazer jogos pra android com o Construct 2, e só. Por isso que estou aqui

  • hy, I new hire !

    Oi sou novo aqui !

  • hi im a person

  • Ну как сказать я хотел создать свою игру искал программы нашёл Unity3D попытался сделать потом понял это для тех кто умеет програмировать и потом я нашёл Построить 2 и он мне очень понравился своей простотой и тем что тут можно и не программировать

  • Hello All

    embcall is what I go by.

    Just registered and want to learn more about Construct 2.

    I live in Rogers, Texas and am retired age 65.

    Looking for something to do with games for my grandchildren.

    I build computers and repair electronics as a hobby and want to add this to the things I can do.

    Let the journey begin.

  • Hi I'm KoolEcky. Just joined and happy to be here. I hope to learn as much as I contribute to this great community here. Thanks.

  • Hiyo all. I'm an art student and just want to tryout new things in my free time. This seemed like the perfect choice!

  • Hey guys and gals of them there interwebs, I'm A. I'm hoping to produce some half-way decent games for everyone to play. My steam is Anandad123, so hit me up if you want to play some games.

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