The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • sunteti tari

  • Hello Friends!

    My name is Magno Valdetaro.

  • hiiiii... im introducing myself... i like toast

  • Having a first look at this environment as a possibility to use for simple multiplayer setups. For me this is a hobby at the moment and I'm very interested in doing this on HTLM5.

  • Hi Dude, I am Tyo, i'm From Indonesia, actually when i was kid i've dream to make Games when i grew up, so i started to learning Flash when i was 24 years old. but i thought so hard, idk, how to make games easily, i don't wanna waste my time just for learning programming or any program language, i like What You See Is What You Get, such as Dreamweaver, Photoshop, so i can create with my idea, my fantasy, it makes me life than work with program or design program, before i recognized Construct 2, i work as Graphic Designer and i also Web Programing.

    I Think Games has more potential to introduce our cultures, we may know history of Greek Mythology from Games than Theory, is that right ? History of Japan Mythology ? China Mythology ? my question is how many History and cultures in this world ? nobody know, and every cultures is unique, so we can take advantage from the Games

    Anyway, i'd make one Horror Games, this games influenced by Shintai The House, i know it's not horrible than Shintai The House at least i tried to make it

    it title names The Hantu : Get Out ... antu-10873

  • Aloha! I'm Tc an i hope to create sumtin fun good day to all!

  • 我在寻找一款工具,然后在goole上找到construct2.感觉挺适合的。所以注册下载一个试试。请多指教。

  • Hello, i know the Scirra and Construct 2 through website of the a brazilian,

  • Hello, Scirra.

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  • hi

  • Hello everyone!

    Currently I am switching industries and recently I've been thinking about the gaming industry. I just downloaded Construct 2 and found out about it from my gamer friend who tells me about award winning new games and such. For a number of years I was a professional musician and I have a lot of experience writing, recording, and producing music. I am excited to learn more about the coding aspect of games and I'm eager to create sounds a music for my new Construct projects!

    Chris Stark

  • Hi! i wanna make games. i found construct 2 via nerdcubed

  • I'm from Kentucky and I heard about Construct 2 from my brother.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I will be attempting to create a game soon, so I appreciate all the support to this extremely beggining guy.

    Thanks to all!


  • My name is Chris, I am 17 years old and I really want to be a millionaire in the future. I hope to make succesful social applications like twitter and Instagram. I am currently learning how to code and I figured I could come here to make simple games so I can make money in the meantime.

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