The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Guys,

    Glad to see you all, I'm noob here.

  • sup my name is mint i like cartoons and books and making animations

  • Hello people, I am an hobbyist game designer, who's learning to design games on construct2. Planning to make the game designing my career. Currently resides in Lahore, Pakistan. Tried to get a job at a game studios in Lahore, but nobody wants a noob designer or an artist. Someone recommended me the software construct2 and its official forums are the best place to learn about game design. Thank you!!!

  • sup my name is mint i like cartoons and books and making animations

    Hello, Mate, how r u? Are you new to game new to game design?

  • my teacher said to me this would help

  • Hello, I am entering my junior year of college this fall (2016) and my father runs some of the game courses at my university. Now that I have no other engagements I can dive head first into game dev. and learn all I need to in order to start a career in something that I love art/video games! I'm excited to begin and any help/suggestions are welcome

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  • Hi! I am a new and possibly next big developer.

  • Hello World, I wanted a tiny Rep Boost..

  • Hello,

    I really want learn how to program

    to create my own games, cuse create games is like create a new world where we can realize

    our own dreams and dreams from other peoples. Nice to participate this comunity and lets have

    some funny learning programing in construct 2.

  • Hi guys... I've been around computers and fooling around with computers for years now.. tried Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (came from Multimedia Fusion), tried some programming in C, Java, C++, and a few other PL, Game Maker, but most of the time I'm doing nothing really serious and just dillydallying.

  • Hello. My name is David and i am an 11 year old who wants to get started in creating games. I found this in a OfficialNerdCubed video, and i haven't tried this yet. I've tried Unity, but right now i don't think it's right for me right now. I hope this will put me in the right direction.

  • Hi,

    I'm zanycore (that's my developer alias). I am an Android programmer. And have built 2 games and 1 app that are on Google Play (FlatCube, Tail Biter Snake and Private Viewer).

    I heard about Construct2 today and downloaded it about 6 hours ago and am in the process of learning it.

    What attracts me to Construct2 is the seeming rapidity of development. I have a background in Android (Java) and JQuery and know how time consuming it is to build a game in any of these languages. Construct2 apparently makes this implementation super fast (hopefully. I shall check this for myself in the days to come).

    I just chanced upon Construct2 while searching something on the Net. In fact I hadn't even heard of Construct2 today morning !

    Well, am happy to be part of the Construct2 community.



  • Hello my name is Prass from Indonesia. I'm 23, Nice to meet you

    I am happy to be part of the Construct2 community

    Sorry I'm bad in English


    LXampp dev

  • Alfredo Maldonado

    Student in Atlantic University College

    From Puerto Rico

  • Hello I love make games

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