The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi everyone! it is nice to meet you all.

    My name is Andrew, and I'm new here!

    Well, I think I'm here like anyone else, to make a game!

    My dream is to make more than 1, for Sony, Microsoft, Android, PC and IOS.

    I want to create a new type of Action, Action-adventure, adventure, shooting, fighting,, most of us know Call of duty black ops II, UFC, and others, I like those kind of games, where you shoot, fight, go on quest and all that good stuff, etc.

    But I believe those games are still kind of... obsolete, they could be better, but the creators don't make more effort in those games, because they are focus on making more money than improving the game.

    Sure, money is important in making a game, but there are tools that are for free, just like Construct 2 (Free version).

    These tools help us (Game Developers) to make the game, but when the game developers start to focus more on making more cash instead of improving the game for love of the fans, then that's when I think the game is going to be a wasted.

    I don't want to be that kind of developer, I wish to make great games, add FREE DLC and good ones, not just Pay $19,99 to unlock features. I want to make it where you don't have to spend a lot of money on features just to play a game. I want all features to be free so all you have to do is buy the game at the store and that's all. Those kind of things are the worst and I hope you guys don't buy that, it's like a kind of protest to tell big companies and greedy indies that we don't want their games if they keep doing that.

    Well, I guess this was too long, I think that's all and have a great day!

  • Hi! I am Fuzzywuzzy. A small gamer, YouTuber, and Construct 2 game maker. I just started a game that will release soon (Hopefully ) Thank you everyone for being nice, and thank you to the developers for making construct 2, it's wonderful!

  • hello there,

    im noah new kid on the block. thank you for welcoming me here .

  • h

  • I will not give out any information of myself right here just to inform you guys.I will not be creating any additional dialogue.

  • Hello! I'm sacredwand9. I heard about Construct 2 From the Youtube Channel, NerdCubed. While I've seen the videos before, I didn't decide to check out Construct 2 until now. I love gaming and I think making games could be a lot easier with this software! I'm excited to see what I can make with it.

    Bye for now!

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  • Hello everyone! I'm new here and I hope we can help each other making great games using Construct 2.

  • Hi there!I like playing scirra it's lot of fun and I look forward to play more games!

  • Hi

  • Hello everybody!

  • hello world! ;D

  • Hello everyone! My name is Maxim! Glad to see myself here!

  • Well i am a gamer who has been wanting to make a game for a while

  • hello! my name is Charles and i like to make games

  • hi im blackdrgon friends with red dragon

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