The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • hello world! ;D

  • Hello everyone! My name is Maxim! Glad to see myself here!

  • Well i am a gamer who has been wanting to make a game for a while

  • hello! my name is Charles and i like to make games

  • hi im blackdrgon friends with red dragon

  • I have just learned of this site in a class and hope to learn to use it with my students.

  • hi potatos lol XD dont know what to say

  • Hi all, My names Ash and I have played with alot of different game systems in my spare time over the years and finally settled on C2 as it is simply amazing, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the years and learning more about game development also ^_^

    I started off with a old as atari game system lol and I'm no dinosaur I just believe in learning where it began from and working through it all, NES and SNES were hands down the best systems in my childhood IMO even though megadrive had some seriously cool games ala altered beast and sonic , I have played with most game systems and found a bit of something to love in all of them. In this day and age, there is so much variety in gaming that the C2 engine makes it possible to transmit your games to a greater selection of systems and therefor players to enjoy your hard work. This, in my opinion makes it all worthwhile to know you have created something people enjoy and will play.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a graphist located in Paris (so pardon my French ) and I'm very exited to make my first attempts on C2, it's an awesome tool I hope to know better, and with all the helping stuff I see around, I think I will !

    So see you around and good C2ing !

  • Hey guys,

    I'm new on the scene, I've messed about with coding and game development before but I'm hoping to finally start making projects I can be proud of and begin to start networking for bigger things to come in the future...

    Hope to work with some of you guys in the future,


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  • Hi everyone

    I'm a financial consultant. I've been playing games since early 90s. I always wanted to try myself in game development. And after i've read an article about 14 y.o. guy made a successful game and launched it on Steam using this program, i got extremely inspired, so here i am.

  • I'm literally just posting on this thread to get that sparkly medal - don't judge! I reckon this seems like an awesome website to get to know other amateur gaming geeks.

    Hope I have fun!

  • Hi,

    I originally started at a popular ROM hacking website for Super Mario World several years ago (most people who are into that scene will know what it is), and developed an interest in game making from there. I actually registered here a couple of years ago but never really introduced myself, so .. hey!

  • Hi just uh making games, you know how we do.

  • Hi....

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