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  • kcjagadeep

    This section of the forum is just for introductions.

    If you require help, please post in the Construct 2 'How Do I' section of the forum.

    BTW that error can be caused by out of date gpu drivers. Please include as much info when when requesting help such as OS, memory, GPU, C2 version etc.

    Do not respond to this post in this thread. Create a new post in the correct section.

  • hello guys

  • OHi.I'm beginer and stupid.Pls help me to my dream

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  • Hi, my name is Pablo, I'm from Spain and I registered here because I want to develop games for the Wii U. So I guess I'm getting a whatever-is-its-name medal. Bye ppl!

  • Hi, my name is superchipon!

    I just want to try this engine, so here I am

  • Hello! I've had an account here for a while now (and I've been putting it to use, as some of you may know), but I haven't properly introduced myself.

    I'm Smedis2, aspiring game developer and massive retro game fan. I produce most of my works under my RED-FIRE label, a name I've carried over from when I was little and make pretend games with.

    Before coming to Construct 2, I used Game Maker (8.0 was the newest one at the time I started) and Multimedia Fusion 2/Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (which I used for quite a long time). Somewhere along the line, I got tired of working around all of Fusion's quirks and issues, and used the knowledge I had obtained from using Fusion and applied it to Construct 2.

    I'm glad to say that I've been enjoying using it for the past few months. It's nice, it's clean and it doesn't make me want to rip my hair out (most of the time). There's a few little things here and there I feel that could be fixed/expanded upon, but for the most part it's pretty lovely.

  • Good construct 2 Thanks creator

  • Hi, my name is Eloy, i am from Panama

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  • Hey guys! Zenene here. Aspiring game creator, looking forward to using Construct 2 (even if it's only the free one for now). I'm in the united states and am a full-time college student at present. I'm not too familiar with game-making, but I hope to learn and eventually release something worth sharing.

  • Hi everyone, my name is Ray. I'm a long-time student of game design, development, programming and graphics (all self-taught/hobbyist). I'm an IT Security guy by trade. I put my dream of chasing game development on hold for the better part of 20 years, while building an IT Security career. After getting laid off for the second time in my life this past February, I decided to split the time while searching for work and get into game development.

    I'm a long-time player of MMORPGs and RTS. My first game system was the Atari 2400 (yeah, I'm old, lol). My first programming experience was on the Commodore 64 (still old). My first PC was an 8086 clone with less than 1 Meg of RAM, 5 1/4 floppy drive, and no hard drive (yep a real dinosaur here). The fist time I played Halo I thought I was going to have a seizure ... Moving one direction and looking another, my brain had serious issues with the controller and screamed for a joystick, lol.

    I'm working on a pinball game and the inability to isolate, or specify, physics behavior by layer in Construct2 is about to drive me nuts. The pinball ramp overlaps the game board and I can disable the ramp physics while the pinball is on the main game board and the disable portions of the board while the ball is on the ramp and it works just fine. However, multi-ball rules out this approach. That said, I may be implementing a plug-in from R0J0hound ().

    What else .... I have purchased Construct2 via Steam and have logged 212hrs use at present. I've taken the top-down Ghost shooter tutorial and heavily customized it. The pinball game I'm working on will be my first sole creation however I'll be purchasing the sound effects.

    I have more books on programming than talent, am an old-school C programmer, and I'm a horrible artist though I use 3DS Max and Adobe CS6 Suite. I also have and work in GameMaker: Studio, App Game Kit and GameGuru. Once I complete my pinball game I plan to remake it using GameMaker and App Game Kit.

    As for favorite games, in the MMO arena I love World of Warcraft and Eve Online, for RTS it's WarCraft, StarCraft, Dawn Of War, and Total Annihilation Kingdoms. I also enjoy and currently play Plague Inc, and Darkest Dungeon. I spent the last two years playing a lot of Forge of Empires (a free browser game that I sunk several hundred dollars into).

    I also used to be big into comics and I've also watched Deadpool about 20 times.

    Guess that's it for now, thanks for taking time to read this long-winded post.

    -Ray (a.k.a. Rious Storm)

  • Hi, I'm Donato from Italy.

    I started yesterday to use Construct, because my company want a little game to play in a fair.

    I have a lot to work on and I will surely ask you for some help!

    Thanks in advance.

  • Helo, I am a Anonymous Dude and i start in construct 2 now .

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