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  • Hi peep

    I'm new too :)

    Looking forward to working on this platform!

  • Hi everyone

    I'm new here. I'm trying to use construct to develop great mobile websites and some times, HTML5 games. Actualy, I just did the art of one, using watercolor.

    If you are interested in this, just check out:

    By the way I've been working developing software and people on the last 10 yerars

  • Hello,

    I'm not very good at these things but, here we go...

    My name is Sandro, I'm 22 years old and live in Brazil. Since childhood I've always liked video games and always dreamed of developing them. Always looking for tools that could help make games. But the difficulty of finding tutorials and translation from English to Portuguese hindered and discouraged enough (Not to mention the programming, I really tried but I could not use. programming is not for me because I like drawing :D I am part of the game art).

    Advancing the time, I did a college game here in Brazil. But, unfortunately, did not correspond to my expectations. just learned the basics of creating games. Nothing to help really.

    last year I discovered the site of scirra and after researching it I was very happy because I found that this tool was everything I wanted. Not require programming and facilitated everything with a few clicks. Then finally bought her, a little over a month, and I'm practicing and studying the tutorials calmly and soon I'll post games for people to play. I'm very happy to be part of this community. I hope to learn more each day can make even better games, make people have fun, and maybe, in the future, make some money ^^

    Well, that's it. Thanks if you read this.

    (and sorry for my bad English, I am using a translator :p)

  • Hello!

    I've actually been following Construct WAY before Construct classic reached completion. I've long been a fan, and never made anything meaningful, but always loved the program. I'm thinking of finally utilizing Construct 2 for some web apps and games. Hope to contribute as much as I gain from a fine community of developers here. <img src="smileys/smiley10.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hello. New here. DLed C2, built the majority of Super Mario's first level in an afternoon while learning! Then bought the licensed version.

    I'm a windows developer and now Database administrator. I loved the idea of DirectDraw (DirectX's 2d gaming module) and quickly lost interest when everything shifted to 3d, which normally meant 3x effort. 3d gaming is cool when done right... but when it's not I'd rather just have a good 2d game.

    VGamer since the 80's, I see using C2 for making HTML5 and mobile devices as a resurgence to allow us to easily make 2D games, especially 90's style, very efficiently.

    Starting with some basic games to learn, but ultimately I like the idea of turn based strategy, turn based RPGs, board games with RPG elements, etc.

    I'm sure I'll be around asking and then answering questions, but I'm busy reading up right now!

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  • Hello to everyone! New C2 user here with a graphic design background. Been reading around the forums and tutorials before starting a serious project with C2. I'm really quite surprised with what people can do with C2, hope I can catch up and learn how to make good use of it as well. For people with a programming background here, can you please recommend a good book or website which can help me better understand programming? I'm kinda overwhelmed with expressions.

  • <font face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif">Hi!

    Found myself here from Rob Braun's op piece reprinted on Gamasutra. Just ran through the tutorial project, and I'm hooked! Love gaming, and have been taking steps, recently, toward making games. Construct 2 seems like a great tool to that end!

    I've dipped the very tip of my little toe into C++, Python and various other tools/resources to try to gain more knowledge, more understanding. I'm more of a graphics and design person, and learning programming has been a bit of a challenge, but a nice change of atmosphere. C2 seems very approachable, and I look forward to digging in deeper!</font>

  • Hi,

    In some semi-frenzied dream I stumbled across Construct and can't quite remember how I did, but all the while it seems perfectly natural being here. I'd been looking for something like this for ages.

    My 'official' programming stretches as far as looking at C++ and understanding the basics, like knowing a few words of French and getting all excited when hearing them in a conversation but not really understanding what's really being said. Having said that I can whip up a pretty hardcore VBA macro, so thankfully the logic of programming structure isn't too much of a culture shock.

    When I'm not spreadsheet whispering for a living, I write/design/mess with images to pass the time, so looking forward to see what comes out when I add a tool like Construct into the mix.


  • Hi, I'm new to the forum and am looking forward to making games with construct 2! :D

  • Welcome to all the new comers from such a broad horizon.

  • Hello, My name is Aaron Burton and I deign games. I go to the art institute studying Game art and design. I like funny movies, slurpees, and vacations. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    when i herd of construct i downloaded it and it is pretty cool. I hope to create some cool games in the future.

    Games i'm working on: The legend of Bloo, and Dragon Orbs. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hey Constructors, I just noticed that if I make another post, I'll push my rep to 800! w00t. I am a graphic designer, I live in Pittsburgh, so far I've made Carl & WarpRiders. Both are works in progress. I find almost everything interesting and I am always down to shoot the sh*t�if I am in the IRC chat, hit me up!

  • I had posted this already in one of the Open Topics threads, but figured I'd say "Hi!" here, too. :)

    I'm slightly depressing thirty-nine, community developer/manager since the mid 1990s for a variety of social gaming companies, and here because I'm interested in a creative outlet that's both fun and engaging.

    I bumped into C2 when I was looking into HTML5-based browser games, and after fiddling around with some of the alternatives, picked up a copy of the software. Haven't got anything that's ready for sharing yet, but nevertheless having a blast!

  • Hello all

    Am George, and new to this forum.

  • Hello from Sweden.

    I come from a 2D/3D graphics background and now stepping into creating my own games. Really having fun creating small worlds that come alive in the form of a game. Also a good way for me to combine it with music I make.

    Have been playing around with Contruct Classic on and off in the past. I have now for the first time tested Construct 2. Just finished my first project and already looking forward to starting up the next.

    Looking forward to seeing the future development of C2 and sharing my own creations.

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