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  • hello i am ismail

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm Derek, or Ben, as some people call me (for a reason I will never know). I am a collage student who finally wanted to get working on his dream of making games. From the age of 8, I would build myself little board games out of cardboard and paper, and I hope to get back into the swing with construct! I heard about this program through Nerd­³, and I figured if he can do it, so can I!

    I have three questions for you guys:

    1) Best starting tutorials, in video form if possible. I have had a bit of a hassle finding a nice, decently made tutorial in video form, and that would be awesome!

    2) What do you guys do for art? This is the biggest reason I haven't gotten into making games, other than lack of time. I SUCK at anything art related. Any advice?

    3)If I have a prototype, are there any sites like The Daily Klik where I should post them as well as in the board on this site? I want as must input as possible, so anything you could point me to would be awesome!

    Thank you all, and here is to many years of gaming making!

    Derek, AKA Ben

  • Hi All,

    I am a casual game developer and designer.

    I create the game end to end.

    Will post few of my games here.

  • BenFromCanada

    This section is just for introductions and is rarely read by those who offer assistance.

    Your questions - being just general - would be best posted in the 'Construct 2 General' section.

  • Hey I'm from Switzerland and I'm a programmer. I always wanted to make a videogame

    Now with Construct 2 I have the chance to make it! I'm 25 years old and I have 2 dogs.

    Soon I will publish my first platform game here. Thank you guys and have a nice time

  • Hello everybody!

    Really looking forward to writing some fun retro games. Although at my age they are just games

  • Developer and Minecraft Stuffs Creator

  • Hello everybody! I'm a beginner game developer.

  • I'm Greg and a friend recommended Construct 2

  • I am El Gusan. Excited to get started.

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  • My name is Snyder (actually my lastname, but everybody call me thath way) I'm on my way to get my BS degree in computer science, I finished my courses, I'm just missing some stuff for the actual degree. I'm from México and have been doing a lot of HTML and JS stuff for my work, I've never done a game for/by myself, but I really want to.

    In other (non-specific) stuff:

    My favorite band is The White Stripes, and almost everything that Jack White has done. I play the guitar, and know how set a drum machine, so i hope i can include that in a game

    Love movies, series and games with good plot twists

    I really like Lego sets, but i don't have a lot of money to buy them

    I think that's pretty much it, hope to make some awesome stuff with someone, someday, see you around

  • Hello everyone! I am a new user for construct 2 here, starting to read guides and books about Construct2 I would some hit from where to start I see a lot of reference and tutorials out there, as someone like me who is been working in the gaming industry mainly producing game art for video games of all sort I know some basic understanding of game developing but few knowledge on game programming. I been working as a indieDev for last full year along side with other people, and main goal is to create few games on my own the start to get the grasp of game programming along side with the use of Construct2. Hope everyone is doing great here and thanks for tanking the time on reading this! Cheers!


  • hi i am louis i am 11 and i live in england. i like football and xbox, but i hate marmite and curry.

  • Hello I Am Trevor Brown, I Live on Kauai. I am a Game Developer. and i wanted to find a new way to Make games. I Normal use x-code. but then i found this this is much easier. I started developing when I was 8. I am 15 Now.

  • Hi! I'm Martin. I live in England and am just starting out on my game dev journey. I tried unity, but its a little too complicated for what I want to do. I got interested in game development when I was only 7, and I am currently 14. See you around!

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