The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • meh

  • Thanks for having me. I'm excited to continue making games as a user. I've had the program for some time without registering, but maybe I'll start posting the game I make? Let's call this the beginning.


  • Hello, i've made one little game in HTML5 and JS, then a friend of mine told me about the Construc2

  • hey.. my name Ricky Andrean, i'am new in here

  • hi everyone, happy new year, my name is Ehab from Egypt, I'm new here and new for Construct 2 also

  • Hi.

    I found out about construct from a friend who makes games.

    So yeah, if I end up liking it, I'll probably get a person licence!.

  • Hello, I'm a 21 years old aspiring game developer from Italy. I am a total newbie.

    Apart from this, I'm a musician and I study computer engineering at university.

    Thank you for this awesome tool and forum!

  • Hello!

  • Old gamer here, forty-two years and counting. Just looking to recapture some of my youth from the glory days of the C64 and Amiga years. Loved playing those old school RPGs like Legacy of the Ancients as well as the platformers like Shadow of the Beast trilogy.

    Messed around back in the day with some game making on the C64, but never took it serious. Thought it might be fun to try my hand at making some of my own platformers on Construct 2 and giving them away to the step-grandkids for Christmas this coming year. Hopefully I can pick this up quick. Watched several tutorials on You Tube and followed along with the online tutorials as well. So far so good.

    Just saying hi...

    TD Bauer

  • Sup. Got into trying to make my own game because I'm bored and need money.

    Would've gotten GM but heard this was a better alternative.

  • Hi, my name is Stefan, I am a South African gamer who is currently playing around in Construct 2. I have lots to learn but hope to someday be able to make a few bucks with a game or two.

  • Hi!

    I am Ana. A Portuguese psychologist, lecturing at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Coimbra. I', a digital imigrant (under novice level), but I believe in game-based learning and wish to know better how to foster happiness by gamer world.

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  • Hi, Everyone! I just join a few weeks ago, while I'm looking game engine to make my own game. Still using free version of C2 by now as I'm still learning. hopefully to make some progress and get my personal C2 anytime soon. cheers!

  • Hello! My name is Samson, and I just recently began using Construct 2. And by recently, I mean yesterday.

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