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  • Hi!

    I am Ana. A Portuguese psychologist, lecturing at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Coimbra. I', a digital imigrant (under novice level), but I believe in game-based learning and wish to know better how to foster happiness by gamer world.

  • Hi, Everyone! I just join a few weeks ago, while I'm looking game engine to make my own game. Still using free version of C2 by now as I'm still learning. hopefully to make some progress and get my personal C2 anytime soon. cheers!

  • Hello! My name is Samson, and I just recently began using Construct 2. And by recently, I mean yesterday.

  • My name is Steven. I've always been interesting in creating games and stories. I'm thinking about making a space sim with RPG elements. I've been mulling the idea of a "Jack and the Beanstalk" platformer where you climb the beanstalk, jumping from leaf to leaf.

    Any ideas how I might make a leaf that's attached to a beanstalk bend when you land on it? I'd like them to behave like a spring.

    Anyway, I'm excited to see what can be done. Any help and suggestions are certainly appreciated.

  • StevenMonson

    This section is just for introductions - none of the helpful users generally read this section.

    Please post any questions you may have in the Construct 2 'How Do I' section.

  • Hey, everybody. Nice to meet you.

    My name is John Cutter. I'm 56 years old and I've been creating games professionally since 1984. I have designed and/or produced over 60 titles, including: "Fairway Solitaire", "Defender of the Crown", "Betrayal at Krondor", "Might and Magic II", and a few more. If you are really curious you can find my design portfolio here:

    I tell people that when it comes to programming I'm a really good designer. So when I want to mockup new game concepts or features at work, or I want to create some simple games at home in my spare time, I turn to tools like "Fusion 2.5", "GameMaker" and now "Construct 2". I've only been using Scirra's product for a few weeks but for the most part I really enjoy it so far!

    I'm sometimes an idiot on the technical stuff so please forgive my stupid questions. But expect a lot of them...

  • I figure even though I am not all that much into posting on forums in general, I suppose I should post here.

    First off....hello!

    I've never made a game before and I started my first game building project with Gamesalad. As I stumbled through figuring things out on my own, I came across Construct 2. The other guys want $299/year for a license, Construct 2 was on sale for something like $117 and you own the license. To me, it was a no brainer to purchase and try it out. I started my project all over again from scratch after all the time and effort I spent building my game in GS. Now mind you, I learned a lot in GS, but it took me about 5 days to get to the same point it took me about 3 months to do in GS. I am loving Construct 2 beyond belief. As I am a stickler for perfection and very adamant on organization, Construct 2 is a match made in heaven for me. I love how organized I can be down to the smallest detail in my project.

    That's about all I will divulge for now.

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  • Hello!

    I'm a 15-year old dutch student that likes to make games in his spare time. I've already made my own website about half a year ago and love learning about 1 specific topic at the game as long as it has something to do with computers in general! I've worked on a lot of diffrent projects ranging from my own airco to making 3D moddels, my own PC and even a C++ keylogger (I'm not posting that last one here, don't worry . I start a new one in about every 2 months and learn a lot from every one of them! Oh, and my name is René Steeman.

  • Hi guys! Im a bored doctor who tries to accomplish his childhood dreams! This a great tool to have, and its free. thanks for all programmers. Finally i can do some games without learning commands like /&%((%/( . I hope you enjoy my first game. Think about it like episodic games See you on another topic. Bye for now.

  • hi, my name is ira, i'am new in here.

  • hello my name name is Brian

    and i'm new in here

  • Hello!

    Program-Ace team of experts would like to share our experience with the community of Scirra!

  • Hello my name is Jonathan, and I'm new here.

    I've been making half finished games for over 20 years. My dream is to finish one and sell it, and with Construct 2 I think that I may actually be able to.

  • Hail all !!!

    Was looking for a nice IDE to make 2d game and looks like I found it !

    I will probably buy the C2 licence pretty soon !

  • Hello my name is Anthony. I have been reading through the Construct 2 games tutorials. After going through the program I decided to buy the full version. I will be uploading my projects to this site to share on my Linkedin account. My end goal is to eventually get into development for virtual reality interfaces I only know the basics of Construct 2 so far after following the steps in the ghost shooter tutorial and learning about layers, sprites, events, actions, and conditions. I'm having a lot of fun learning this program and hope to produce the same quality arcade games I see on the site.

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