The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello im from Norway

    28 years old man

    Trying to make "The Game Of The Year 2016"

    Hope you like it

    Love Construct 2

    Hope I can work with construct 2 daily. and quit my old job . my pasion is to create games

    have many ideas , but very little time to do it alone

    I will try my best to make games that just melts in your brain.

    This Year

  • Hello everyone

    I'm nearly 19 and I'm from Italy

    Learning to use C2

  • Hello, my name is Julie. I am an elementary school teacher. I have several students interested in coding and creating their own games. I was introduced to Construct 2 by our IT leader. I'm really excited to try this out and I'm sure my students will be too!

  • Hi to everyone! I'm a newbie from Russia, so my English'll be bad

  • Hello Scirra! My name is Badral and I am new to Construct 2. Actually it has been two months.

    And I am really glad that I joined Scirra. I will make platform games.

    Currently I making Typing game with C2. And Also I understood that making game is not solo career.

    'cause making animation and creating sound and coding alone is difficult. And I had learn at least one of them.

    So I started to train drawing. It starts with flowers, sun and mountains. But for the current game I used other game's sprite sheet.

    Thank you. Hope you guys will help me.

  • hello, i'm aulia...

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  • Hi Everyone!!

    My Name Is Nabeel! And I Am New Here..

  • Hello! My name is Luciano. I'm a newbie from Argentina.

    C2 looks nice!

  • Hi? all Construct2 creators!!

  • Hi, My Name Is Bia And I Am New Here

  • Hi! I'm Vince. I currently work at a healthcare software company in Madison, WI. One of my goals this year is to learn more about web and app development and from what I've read online Construct2 is the best rated out there. I'm excited to start this new hobby.

  • Hi my name is Francois. I heard of Construct 2 via NerdCubed, (not that a know him personally) And i have always loved games. I live in australia

  • Hello,

    I Am Nicolei Esperida,15 Years Old,And I Live On Tondo,Manila,Philippines And I Creating Games For Android And Some Of My Games Are On Google Play

  • Hello

  • hi

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