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  • Heya I am new to KSLR I am new to contruct2 and am loving my first steps into its game house of immense power.

  • Hey Folks!

    My name is Anders and I recently graduated with a degree in traditional animation. For the last few months I've been working as an animator, but now I'm having a break and want to try to make some games. Games have always been my biggest passion, so I felt I had to give it a try.

    I discovered construct through Konjaks website. I really like his games, especially Legend of Princess which is a great little Zelda fangame.

    Doing some quick reseach I discovered that he's now using Construct, and it looks fairly easy to get into for an artist that knows nothing about programming.

    Glad to be here :)

  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Jos�.

    I'm a music composer. I've been working making music for games for some months now and it has been a great experience!

    I recently started my own company offering music for the media.

    If you need music for your commercial project send me an email :)

    Check some of my samples at:


  • Uh... hi there...

    About myself, sure, sure. Well, you could say I'm an old coder; I've been coding since the Age of Tapes, before the Floppy Revolution. And I keep coding, for a living so to speak. Then there are days I get back to my lair and want to make "tiny stuff", "little games" just for fun. But I'm not willing to face void** at home when all I want is to relax and to get things done painlessly and quietly. Yep, that's why I got Construct 2.

    I'm still getting used to it <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    See you 'round, mates!

  • Hello. My name is Michael. I don't have much to say about myself here, but you can find out plenty about me through my profile and links there (including my Facebook and Youtube). I really would like to make a game and though I would like to make something enjoyable to myself and others, I mainly want it to glorify Jesus the Christ.

    If anyone is willing to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ or if you'd just like to talk period, please, feel free to send me a message. Thank you for your time.

  • Welcome again everyone! It's great we have such a diverse mix of people. We hope you enjoy your time here!

  • Wow we really do have a mixed group here. heh

    Well the more the merrier.

  • Hi all, pleased to be of your aquaintance!

    Also very pleased to have found Scirra and Construct2 in time to quickly switch platforms and take advantage of faster development (was attempting Javascript)!

    Yet to put anything in my profile so he is a quick bio:

    44 years old living in Hamilton NZ, originally from UK.

    Worked as an entertainer since age 14 (30th celebration in May), started programing multimedia for performance purposes in 1988.

    Business development during off season for RealMedia from 1994 to 1999.

    Spent the last 12 off seasons free-lance contracting and random projects - mostly profitable!

    Current commercial project started 28 days ago, due to launch in 8 days. Developed just about entirely using Construct 2!

    Love it!



  • My Name is Sean. I was always a fan of original Mario Bros 1 and 3 and super. (2 doesn't exist) Then I dove straight into the world Of Interplays Decent Series. When Descent II mission builder came out, it sparked a dream that I could make the things I love to play. When Descent3 and Unreal Tournaments Unreal-Ed builder came around I was completely hooked. I lacked very much in programming, and made up for it in traditional and Digital art. I grew up and Became a Graphic Designer, concepts artist, illustrator. Then became a Prosthetic and makeup artist for Films in Hollywood. Such credits include HBO's True Blood series) A friend who focused a lot on programming and game development introduced me to Klik n' Play... then MMF, then Construct. It wasn't until Construct 2 came out that I was able to realize my ability to program my own games the way I want and not just create awesome 3D maps on other programs.

  • xFireFrostx: True blood is a very cool show and the FX are very well done.

    I'm looking forward to some of your creations with C2 <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Welcome to the community.

  • Kyatric: Thank you! I actually have was on Scirra a long time ago, but had the real world get in the way/ Not I am trying to be pro-active again in the digital world. Here is a link to my very first project on C2

    Zombie Flashlight Alpha Test game

  • Sup, I'm Dany0. With a zero at the end. You can recognize me by being awesome.

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  • Hi I'm Will, Guitar Teacher from the midlands. Just discovered Scirra today and after going through the tutorial am blown away with the possibilities and ease of use. As someone who has sometimes worked with computers and known the rough theory about, rather than practise of, programming, this thing is a god send!

    Awesome stuff guys.

  • Hello gentlemen, and welcome :)


  • hello my name is Amit

    and i think that family is great!!!

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