The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I'm a young (18 exactly) game dev from France, named Simon Berna.

  • Simon, are u new to here as well?

  • Uh, yeah. I've been looking into game development for a couple of years and decided to start using Construct 2 after using... Game Maker Studio (the code... the code...). Construct 2 is a great program for novices to easily get prototypes up and running along with following tutorials and understanding how the events work.

    I hope to get some great feedback/instruction on how to implement features into my game builds so that I can create a great finished product. My first project can be downloaded to play/look over here: www(dot)

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  • hey. i am aziz and i just made a c2 game on android

    care to check it out its called : Zombie Assassin made by AzizGames. aka me,

    btw am only 15 but i think i did a pretty good job in the game . tell me if am wrong

  • HEY I am new here

  • Hi,

    I'm new, been trying to get to grips with unity and teach myself C# for about 18 months. I've found for what I want to create Unity is too much and runs to slow on my device. So I'm looking for something fast and simple to use that will yield great results.


  • Hi. So I'm here now. Isn't that exciting?!

  • Well im new here and i feel that im much cooler

  • крутая прога

  • Hello

  • Please help me for my runtime.js

    I have the file c2runtime but when i'm exported to HTML5 web or something else from Construct 2, my file look like in this picture

  • razvanuritoiu

    Please help me for my runtime.js

    I have the file c2runtime but when i'm exported to HTML5 web or something else from Construct 2, my file look like in this picture

    Please post any requests for help in the 'How Do I' section.

    This section is just for introductions, so is unlikely to be seen by those who can help you.

  • Hi there, I'm amunduruca I come from Canada and heard about Construct 2 from thenewboston(Bucky Roberts)

  • Hey! I'm Leo, I've been lurking for 2.5+ years and I finally made an account! To be completely honest, I haven't had the chance to try Construct yet as I've been patiently waiting for an OSX version for years. I have, however, read the manual and check these forums from time to time to see where the community's at! I heard about Construct from Edgar Muniz wayyy back when he just started talking about working on Spriter.

    I'm a long time game developer and supporter of the community in general. I started making games back in 98. I was 11 then so that means I've been making games for a decade a half. I've made games with RPG Maker 95, Cocos2D, Torque and Unity and tried out pretty much almost every game engine and tool that's out there. We've come a long way! I'm a big fan of the scene, the industry and the passionate people who make games and tools that enable everyone to make great content!

    I now run a small animation studio that started as a game development studio and we get to work on exciting stuff with great people, organizations and other studios everyday! It's a lot of work. There's more drama, politics and heartbreak than I expected but It's definitely a dream come true. I love the creative industry and great communities like this. I can't see myself being part of anything else.

    After almost three years of exclusively working on animations, our studio is now finally transitioning back to game development, so here I am again, checking out what you guys and the rest of the community are up to!

    The work you guys put in, the stuff you share with the world and the discussions held in forums and platforms such as this one, encourage other game developers and would be game developers - big and small - to keep creating! Communities like this is where I got started and people like you encouraged me to pursue a career in this industry and in turn, I'm now able to provide jobs and opportunities to other passionate people. I'm so happy that companies like Scirra exist and are making things even easier for everyone and anyone to pick up game development. It wasn't as easy when I started 15+ years ago. Thank you for democratizing this industry and ushering in a new age of great games and content!

    Thanks for having me!

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