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  • > Hello dudes,


    > My name is Gabriel, I found Construct 2 on a blog while doing some research for my project. I`m going to build an RPG game and I was searching for an engine, apparently Contruct 2 is one of the best options out there so far.


    > See you around and thanks for this great app !!!

    > RedNoise


    You should looking into RPG maker. Its also a good engine, and very user friendly.

    Thanks for the tip Bozzy Gaming , fairly new to this world like I said and any tips and info are welcome

  • Hello everyone! My name is Roman Lisovin. I'm 18 years old student living Kiev. Programing, making music, drawing - it's all about me. Now I want to make games. Glad to be part of this awesome community

  • Hey all, just wanted to say hello and earn those reputation points. Such a gamer move, Scirra... well played. I am an old man who used to spend hours as a kid keying lines from Byte magazine into his Vic-20 to make super simplistic games, and then used that info to create even more simplistic (bad) games. I am thinking about trying Construct 2 to re-live the fun I had back in the day.

    Glad to be here.

  • Hi

  • Hello all! The name is Brad, I am a 23 yr old dude that just decided to take a huge commitment towards game dev. I have dabbled in it before with GameMaker Studio and such, but nothing ever came of it. This time I around, I hope to use Construct 2 to kickstart my learning.

    I had a few questions for anyone out there reading this:

    How big of a game can the Construct 2 engine handle? I am looking to make a game that has a sidescrolling combat system, an overworld travel system, a system for 'building' cities, and a resource system (gold, magic, health, reputation, etc.) I am wondering if I would be able to use Construct for a semi-complicated game like that, or if I should look to unity.

    That being said, my first project will be significantly smaller. It will be a simple one-scene game where you have to doge random enemies that spawn.

    Anywho, nice to meet all of you! Best of luck in all of your endeavours!

  • I'm Dontrest. I'm want to learn about game programming.

    Nice to meet you.

  • Hi I'm Kazz, and i an very anxious to begin making my own games!

  • Hey everyone! I am new to making games so I hope someone can help me if I need help with something.

  • Hi, I have been introduced to this amazing way of creating games in a coding workshop

  • Hello my name is Ivan, im new in game development

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  • Hello world's im danu

  • I'm Trevor.

    During school, my friends and I were the ones that never grew out of "playing pretend," as the adults (and us when explaining to them our activities) called it. We made up our own characters and stories; at first it was all about their powers and one-upping the last guy, but eventually our stories became more elaborate/detailed. As far as I know, none of us has forgotten any of even each others' characters, even ones that we've stopped developing. I digress. These characters bred in me a love of creating stories.

    Music is a huge part of my background. I took over 10 years of piano lessons as a kid, but my dad never could get me to actually practice what was on the page, so he removed that part of my education. That said, my entire family is musical, and (vanity aside) I am too. There's a song in my blood, even if I'm not the greatest musician.

    As a kid, I also fell in love with the Manga and Anime art styles. I loved their cartoony features (the fact that I couldn't draw realistically made this an extreme plus), but also that they could remain serious and portray complex emotions. Avatar was my favorite TV show growing up, and Kingdom Hearts my favorite game, and both remain so.

    When I see something beautiful, I want to make one of my own. I find beauty in weird things, like the spring lock in a toaster, so this has led to some interesting creations. However, this also urged me to learn how to draw, and draw well. I wanted to give each of my characters a face. And a body. And gear. And a life. I wanted to show off my stories, give them to the world. My passion for creation lined up with my song and my art to form a desire for game-making.

    I have two serious projects up my sleeve, and one fun one:

    Spindles, Deprived, and Breakfast Club (not "The")

    Spindles is in the works, Deprived will not be made on C2 (I'm sorry guys! I need to give it 3D.), and Breakfast Club is... well... hehehe, almost done. I think. I hope.

    I'm kind of halfway trying to start a game-making company called Sketch Industries; please contact me if you want more info!

    In all other things, have a great day, may the Force be with you, and God Bless.

  • Hello!

  • Fala ai galera, espero aprender e criar vários joguinhos para androide e outras plataformas!

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