The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi I am Mark. I am a maths teacher and want to make some web based games that my students can use to learn maths in a fun way. Not that I don't think it is fun anyway.

    Hey I have a really cool math game model here, wait for soon I will also upload pro Scirra Arcade with download link for .CAPX

  • hi i am new

  • hii

  • hello

  • Hi everyone!

  • Hi! My name is SteveW. I am an old American who won't give up on having a young mind. I want to make games and create interesting things for mobile devices that other people enjoy using. I like to write stories, but am exploring this as a means of creating the more modern story telling experience. I would be happy to talk with anyone and learn with others and generally interact as I get to know this means of creation.

  • WHAT UP Construct2 devs.....I am joining as a hobbyist...programming is part of my day job, but want to build and write my own games. Cant wait to see what I can do with this IDE - I have a lot of great ideas and would love to work on a team.


    Steve Cordeiro

  • Hi everybody. The name is Sergey, from Moscow of Russia. After a walk with the bear and drinking vodka, in Russia we still have time to do some cool stuff like game design

    I'm not a pro in gamedev - just curios how it works. So I've decided to try some ideas...

    Currently I'm learning C# and Unity, but when I heard about C2, I realized that this will be a perfect tool for prototyping. So I hope it will

    Oh. I've read about C2 on GameAnalitycs blog.

    Thank you for your work, guys!

  • I'm just here for the rep

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  • hi every one

  • My name is Treasure

  • I'm from South Africa

  • Hello, everyone.

    My name is Andre and I'm database developer/administrator/analyst.

    I love developing software in Java and C++.

    I sing, play guitar and compose music in my free time.

    I intend to create games and hopefully make plugins to help the community.


  • Ohoy constructers

    My name is Simon - I'm based in Denmark where I have a one man game oriented company called Papio. When i'm not making games or digital play things or other work stuff - i spend my time in the sea, either diving, rowing or surfing. (should really move to some here with nice warm waters)

  • My name is Raquel - I am IT graduate

    I intend to create games and hopefully make plugins to help the community


    I love to play fashion games.

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