The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • My name is Treasure

  • I'm from South Africa

  • Hello, everyone.

    My name is Andre and I'm database developer/administrator/analyst.

    I love developing software in Java and C++.

    I sing, play guitar and compose music in my free time.

    I intend to create games and hopefully make plugins to help the community.


  • Ohoy constructers

    My name is Simon - I'm based in Denmark where I have a one man game oriented company called Papio. When i'm not making games or digital play things or other work stuff - i spend my time in the sea, either diving, rowing or surfing. (should really move to some here with nice warm waters)

  • My name is Raquel - I am IT graduate

    I intend to create games and hopefully make plugins to help the community


    I love to play fashion games.

  • I'm surprised this topic kind of died out. I MUST REVIVE IT!

    My name is Robaschi, real name will not give because of reasons. I'm more or less a hobbyist with big dreams in mind, and I hope to one day manke an amazing game that's at LEAST playable.

    At the moment I'm just experimenting with Construct 2 to get a feel of it, as well as looking through the forums to look at tips for platform mechanics (such as Metroidvania style controls and whatnot).

  • Hello everyone!

    I'm from Brazil and i'm a begginer in Construct 2D. Hope you can help me out with your knowledge. I'm very happy to be part of this community. Best wishes to all! See you soon!

  • I am working to learn Construct 2 in order to create games in HTML5

  • I am working to learn Construct 2 in order to create games in HTML5

  • Hello,

    My name Jamaluddin, nick name jamal, i am from Jakarta - indonesian. i will try make simple game for my child. i hope she's happy.

    Please help if i have problem and question.


    Sorry my english so bad.

  • Hi,

    I'm Adam from UK and I enjoy developing mostly for web and some systems code. I've mostly been a lurker until now and feel slightly anxious about saying "Hi" to everybody.

    I'm 25 and have been developing since I was 14. I enjoy using various languages and programs for my hobbies and for work. My primary background is in PHP and LAMP, but i've always worked with and explored Javascript deeply as well as other various languages/tech.

    I came across Construct 2 after working with ImpactJS and my own engines (Videos/info coming soon) and wanting more of the repetitive work taken away. After having working prototypes so quickly with C2 I realised the power that had just been handed to me.

    I now find myself becoming a preacher-of-sorts for construct 2 and can't wait to see it evolve over the next few years, during the exciting flux of HTML5 technology and it's new role in the gaming industry.

    I want to join in with the forum and community as I've really found myself sticking with Construct 2 and the great things it has to offer and I know we still have yet to find out it's true limits.

    I've already developed 2 very rudimentary games that are on kongregate (i will add links once I have the rep) they are called "BubbleBop" and "Attraction".

    I'm currently working on a new project called AstroColonist which I'm excited about and I hope to share with you guys soon.

    Love, Adam. xoxo

  • Hello all,

    I have been curious about developing games for quite some time. I happened to find Construct2 among a few others. This game engine has some interesting features that I would like to try and hopefully have some fun with. I hope to share some discussions with you all!

    Thank you,


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  • Hey everyone, I'm just still learning game design and I have yet to release a full game but I guess it should happen by the next 2 years, maybe? It should anyways. I don't like making clones of other games so I often end up making really weird things. Sorry if it makes my game hard to play sometimes... o-o

    Oh yeah, my name is Veronique, from Canada.

  • Student that is trying to do good games for mobile platforms. Hopefully, it will make me some cash. My dream is to have game studio!

  • thanks to the people who have played my game

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