The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey, this is Vikas Telkar and I am intrested to create new games.

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  • Hey Constanza,

    Can you elp to design some game which should be intresting to play.

  • hihihihi

    im vexture




    i make things

    im a graphic designer but im learning c# and getting into game development



  • Hello! I have an awesome game idea that I hope to make come true! I know HTML and basic CSS. I do video and photo editing. I also do some 3D modeling in Autodesk 123D. I have a youtube channel. I also have a website. I love using Linux but can't completly use it due to Sony and Adobe programs not supporting Linux. I hope Construct 2 is the tool I need.

  • Hi !

    I'm a 20 years old Game Designer from France and I'm a beginner on C2

    See ya

  • Hello World! I'm Victor and im working on an RTS game.

  • ummh... i need the rep soo ... hi im from chile and i have 20 years old xD

    love & rockets

  • khé sucede ???

    Sup, I'm Romina and I'll be here trying to make games for Uni

  • Hi, everybody / I am a story games writer and I wish to start creating my own games . I know i have suscribed in the right forum and am sure to find a helping hand here.

  • Hello Everyone. My name is Nikola.

    I'm a very creative and goal driven person. I enjoy video games and as of late, i'm a developer.

    Just recently I published my first game on Kongregate using Construct2.

    I wanna give a big thanks to this lovely community, that was quite helpful with my inquiries!

    Have a beautiful day Scirra community

  • Hi guys,

    My name is Cos. I've been a lurker around here for a long time, now I'm planning on becoming more active.

    Nice to meet you all!

  • Hello, I hope you like my translations. I regret not gain reputation points with them ...

  • Hello! Call me AllieKat. I'm not a pro with games, and I'm a bit young to be going into the career. But I want to make games so bad! My dream is to atleast publish 1 game (but hopefully more)!

  • Hi ! I am Prayag and I have been a developer for last 14 years and thought I am not too old learn game programming.

  • Hellow world, I am phydestiny you can visit my website

    There you can find all my skills and knowledge. I am Industrial designer and some other interesting skills that can help to build a cool game, maybe we can build a team ? ^^

    Just email me

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