The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello

  • Hi.~

    I am a lover of classic video games , I'm a designer and a novice programmer , I work in Adobe Flash and Painta Sai .

  • Hey, I go by Lordgenome. I've got some background on coding mainly from school, but I'm looking forward to working on my own time on my own projects

  • Hello! My name is CrazyGamerKid and I have been using Construct 2 for a while now (Probably like a year), I hope to release some games on Construct 2 soon!

  • lol hi

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  • Hey - just joined community. Trying this out to help my kids learn to make their own games.

  • oi, meu nome é Douglas e só estou dando uma olhada

    quem sabe eu crie algo

  • Hello from Australia

  • Hello, I'm a game designer, programmer and artist. I have been using Construct 2 for +950 hours since last summer (as my steam account shows), I spent most of my time learning and experimenting, and now I hope to publish some games ! Finishing a project is a lot more challenging that starting one, that's for sure !

  • Hi

  • hello...

  • Hello Everyone!

    I just know about Construct 2 a few days ago and I very excited about it! It is very simple, cool, and beautiful!

    Now, i can concentrate just in the game itself! No more programming if then else... : )

    So, I live in Salvador Bahia Brasil and here i just know some enterprises and organizations that use Construct 2. They make some insteresting games!

    I work in a government organization that is responsible to computers of government of Brasil. I hope to use Construct 2 to make a gamification here to do the employees more concious about power energy.

    Thanks for the listen.

    Luis Augusto

    Salvador bahia Brasil

  • Hey guys, new here!

    I'm trying to learn something on making games and thought Construct would be a nice place to start, so, i'm here now haha

  • Hi im a boy who might turn his gaming passion into a carrier i heard about this by a guy who is my mums friend who works for king the peope who made candycrush saga!

  • hi i am an indie android developer from India and have written some apps and they are in Google play store.I always have passion in game development so i came here

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