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  • Hello Everyone!

    I just know about Construct 2 a few days ago and I very excited about it! It is very simple, cool, and beautiful!

    Now, i can concentrate just in the game itself! No more programming if then else... : )

    So, I live in Salvador Bahia Brasil and here i just know some enterprises and organizations that use Construct 2. They make some insteresting games!

    I work in a government organization that is responsible to computers of government of Brasil. I hope to use Construct 2 to make a gamification here to do the employees more concious about power energy.

    Thanks for the listen.

    Luis Augusto

    Salvador bahia Brasil

  • Hey guys, new here!

    I'm trying to learn something on making games and thought Construct would be a nice place to start, so, i'm here now haha

  • Hi im a boy who might turn his gaming passion into a carrier i heard about this by a guy who is my mums friend who works for king the peope who made candycrush saga!

  • hi i am an indie android developer from India and have written some apps and they are in Google play store.I always have passion in game development so i came here

  • Ola eu so pablo medeiros e conheci o construct 2 no youtube

  • Hi! I've heard about Construct2 yesterday. Now i wanna learn this.

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  • Hey folks o/

    My name is Ricardo Gomes, i'm game developer since my 13 years(i guess). In 2009 i heard about Scirra Construct, now the Classic, and for the first time i've created a game without background knowledge.

    Well, now i have 19 years old, and I am college student of Information Systems course here in Brazil ..

    Even coding, the Construct is a very cool tool (seriously, it seems magical), and i've create some games using it..

    My recent game is called protect me and i want to launch this game for mobile devices soon(it's a really cool game too, you can play on Arcade)..

    That's all folks

  • HI im me and I'm me its good to do the meet you

  • Hey everyone i am BeckettGaming or Nathan.

    I am learning Construct 2 i have also done C++ in the past i have a passion for games and game making. Hopefully i will release my game oneday

    The games i like are:

    GTA V


    Arkham City

    The games im looking forward to are:

    Arkham Knight

    BattleFront 3

    Watch Dogs 2 (Yes it was leaked)

    and many more.

    Have a Nice day

  • Hey guys, new here!

    I'm trying to learn something on making games and thought Construct would be a nice place to start, so, i'm here now haha

  • IT Professional who enjoys Technology and likes to start developing and exploring the Coding and programming, Love to be able to create games and apps for the Android Handheld Devices.

    Love to hear back from anyone interested in building something new and useful for a handheld.

    An Idea for Handheld Devices, Coupons on the go. Daily, hourly or even coupons based on minutes, coupons pop-up on Handheld depending on the location you are in.

  • Hi,

    Everyone another new user here, I am into 3D modelling time permitting I use Zbrush, Silo, Metasequoia 3D v4.

    I always had a hankering to create games and now my grand children are taking an interest, hopefully we can all

    learn together.


  • Hey everyone,

    I've worked in the games industry for the last 8 years or so, working on popular projects such as the Crysis series, Dead Space etc.

    I'm looking to take my first steps into indie development with construct 2 and you lovely folk.

    Cheers, Dave

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