The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • G'day all, Mattrix here. I have a platform runner in the works and hopefully I'll be able to get it done some time soon.

  • Hi, I'm a game designer for a big company.

    Although I worked on several AAA titles, I could never learn how to code stuff.

    I'm really terrible at math and everything that involves abstract languages, and even if I tried everything, from Unreal Engine to Unity, I've always gave up on them.

    But when I tried Construct I fell in love with it. It does more or less the same as other engines I've tried in the past but this time, he does it in human language. For the first time I felt like I could do a game on my own, from start to finish, and this is what I'll do, without having to rely to someone else as I normally do when I work.

    I'm not leaving my job, of course, I love it, but I think this engine will definitively improve my personal skills and allow me to reach goals that my innate aversion to coding always kept too far from me.

  • Decided it was time to get serious with all this 3D modeling and game creation; went on shopping spree to buy pc/laptop/monitor workhorses. Now on to the tutorials to upgrade my brain with more intensive creativity............................Henry

  • Hello scirra! i'm an up coming programmer who's teamed with the artist Rockfire1022, are first game is in the making and we hope to have plenty of content in it!

  • Hi Scirra.

    I'm going to do my games.

    Thank you for you program.

  • Hello!

    I am Robert, from Slovakia. I have a small mobile website where I run my little old/school games. I want to create better games so i decided to use Construct 2 (maybe C3 later on Mac).

    I am happy to be here, there is a nice, helpful community.

  • Hi all,

    My friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to design and market a 2-player chess variant. Hence Construct 2. I have done a limited amount of coding in the past (some nqc, C++, python), and my friend has quite a bit of experience with html but not for creating games. I spent about a week with gamesalad before realizing it did not port to html well, so now the shift to Construct. Looking forward to reaching out to the community when I have questions and eventually being a member that can help out.

    Take care, see you on the forums.

  • Hello everybody,

    Im Vivek just an indie programmer trying to find the perfect program for making games

  • I think its a great software for developing games. i loved it. Thanks for a great Software

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  • Aloha! We're Fyl and Lexa and we make cool shit or at least try

  • Hola. Soy Esteban de Argentina. Saludos a todos.

  • a little big game fans

  • Hello, I' m Hermes and I' d like to create an Old School Platformer.

    At the moment I know absolutely nothing and I have yet to learn the basis from tutorials, so it will be a veeeeery long task.

  • Hi All! I'm used to developing in NeoAxis, but looking for mobile targeted game engines. Came across this engine on a web page! Seems great so far! Nice to meet you all.

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