The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi Scirra.

    I'm going to do my games.

    Thank you for you program.

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  • Hello!

    I am Robert, from Slovakia. I have a small mobile website where I run my little old/school games. I want to create better games so i decided to use Construct 2 (maybe C3 later on Mac).

    I am happy to be here, there is a nice, helpful community.

  • Hi all,

    My friend and I have taken it upon ourselves to design and market a 2-player chess variant. Hence Construct 2. I have done a limited amount of coding in the past (some nqc, C++, python), and my friend has quite a bit of experience with html but not for creating games. I spent about a week with gamesalad before realizing it did not port to html well, so now the shift to Construct. Looking forward to reaching out to the community when I have questions and eventually being a member that can help out.

    Take care, see you on the forums.

  • Hello everybody,

    Im Vivek just an indie programmer trying to find the perfect program for making games

  • I think its a great software for developing games. i loved it. Thanks for a great Software

  • Aloha! We're Fyl and Lexa and we make cool shit or at least try

  • Hola. Soy Esteban de Argentina. Saludos a todos.

  • a little big game fans

  • Hello, I' m Hermes and I' d like to create an Old School Platformer.

    At the moment I know absolutely nothing and I have yet to learn the basis from tutorials, so it will be a veeeeery long task.

  • Hi All! I'm used to developing in NeoAxis, but looking for mobile targeted game engines. Came across this engine on a web page! Seems great so far! Nice to meet you all.

  • 新人报道,RPG游戏 制作者

  • hi I am going to make a game called Pixle Mechs 2.0

  • Hello Guys. I am a noob here.. honestly, and i am very curious and eager to learn about how to make a 2D game with the use of "Construct 2" game engine.

    I believe their are many Professional game designers here and people with a lot of knowledge. I don't know much about the engine. But i am looking forward to find some help and to know and make a 2D game of my own.

    Nice to meet you all.

    i will be very happy if i got to know you all more, and learn as much as i can do.

    Thanks for your time for reading this out.

  • hi I am going to make a game called Pixle Mechs 2.0

    What type of game is it ?

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