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  • hi I am going to make a game called Pixle Mechs 2.0

  • Hello Guys. I am a noob here.. honestly, and i am very curious and eager to learn about how to make a 2D game with the use of "Construct 2" game engine.

    I believe their are many Professional game designers here and people with a lot of knowledge. I don't know much about the engine. But i am looking forward to find some help and to know and make a 2D game of my own.

    Nice to meet you all.

    i will be very happy if i got to know you all more, and learn as much as i can do.

    Thanks for your time for reading this out.

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  • hi I am going to make a game called Pixle Mechs 2.0

    What type of game is it ?

  • Sup DaddyOmega here, just download Construct to learn a new progie. Will update ya as soon I have a chance to play with it a bit...

    Update #1 OK Seems great! I do think a few things about it suck but over all looks and works great.

    Bad Thing #1 really only 4 layers 100 events for the free version :O lol I am going to be teaching myself this program with 80's style retro games with limits like that...

    Bad Thing #2 heard from videos and their fan sites online that RPG's are hard to make with construct 2 if at all. I am not sure how true this is yet but i am sure I will find out soon...

    With limits like stated above I am not sure how many old school coders like myself will use this program even long enough to learn its learning curve unless they are willing to spend the 130 bucks on a chance they may find out that they don't care for or can't use the higher end version or it don't handle what they are wanting to build anyways.

    I do like the program better then others of its kind and I am diggin the physics & its isometric features. I do plan on spending a few months playing around with construct 2 and I hope in 6 months or so to be putting out games of bigger sizes and at a faster pace then I could coding or using other programs like this. Greatest thing of all the paid version is not going to cost me my first born child.

  • I'm not sure if I'll be sticking around. But if I do, you'll surely hear from me again. :)

    Are there any veterans here who can confirm if C2 has native video playback? I'm well-versed in Adobe Media Encoder and can alter file formats if there are specific limitations.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bio in short:

    My name is Michael Stenmark. I Started with games back in the 80s and was part of the Swedish team that created Drakar & Demoner, Mutant, Kult etc. Today I work as an indie games creator cause I want to create games that I love. I currently work on 2 indie games and a pen & paper RPG. I also draw comics and I do help the industry out in terms of creating games industry clusters, lecturing etc.

  • Hi all,

    Let's see how this goes. Gamesalad user trying this out, looking for a good way to translate my existing skills to make windows apps.

  • Hey, I am b0inG and I have no idea why I download this, but I guess it's gonna be fun.

  • Hola! Soy Jesus Vargas, soy de Chihuahua, Mexico y me encontre Construct 2 buscando en internet para crear un juego para Android!

  • Looking for different ways for my students to start making their own games.

  • I'm Justin, and I'm a Software Engineer in California.

    I work at IBM, and am finishing my bachelor's in C.S.

  • Hello, I know some basic html and some css.

  • Hello,

    Found this engine on some mozilla list of HTML engines.

    Obviously want to make a game with it. I hope it goes well.


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