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  • Hi, everyone

    I'm a student at the University of Lodz .

    Art is my passion like learninig new things, I like Spanish and Japanese (I just started, hope that I will go to Spain/Japan some day).

    Kind of a dreamer and visioner, who tries to stay open-minded. I used to learn Chinese, but I had to give-up, cause 3-foreign languages at the same time, was too much for me. I like sports - running and swimming the most, also cycling and "far-eastern sports". I used to be keen on eatern culture, i still like it. I like study new things and technologies e.g. basic c++ in C::B, graphics in GIMP, in CAD and 3dsMax... and now creating a games in Construct 2. I'm still weak at physics, chemistry and biology (I still don't care about these subjects, don't like'em).

    I love MUSIC!!! (I listen mostly everything) recently the old Italian and Spanish songs the most.

    I don't have a good memory, especially for names ;(

    Best Regards

  • imake GameZ

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  • Oops I forgot to make one of these intros.

    Hello all, I am quite new to game development but I am having a blast so far. I have no expectations of becomming a professional at this, mostly because i'm pretty awful, but I am enjoying the ride.

    I also have a strong interest in Music, especially Guitar.

  • I come from Viet Nam , a country in Asia . I new entered the profession application development and fortunate to hear about construct2 software on a platform for game developers new to the job . I'm sure this software would help me a lot of work and long experience . Thank scirra and everyone . Thank very much !

  • Hi all,

    I'm Liz, I used to be involved with Game Development and had a hankering to get back into it on a more indie/small scale level. I was looking for an engine to help with rapid development of some ideas and that's what ended up bringing me to Construct 2.

    Thank you

  • Hello everyone

    my name is kakko, i`m from brazil, and i`m looking forward to learn as much as i can, and maybe make some fun games for others to enjoy

    thats it =)

    thank you very much

  • hi you can call me skidren i found this on ... yahoo answers.T_T

    anywho probably going to make a game now

  • HI IM CHARLES here is my facebook: www . fb . com / mpgmahal.tobi

    skype: akositobi

    email: cbechan outlook . com

    im new here

  • Hello world

  • Hey! We are the Shih Oh Network, a virtual online network-based channel on YouTube. Larry (the "chairman") is a huge fan of the Steelers. He does rants on society, makes Let's Plays and much more! His favorite game of all time is Resident Evil 4. You can contact him on Instagram, Twitter and others for as much as you want. He is currently developing an Android game and app as of 3/4/15. While the release date has been confirmed yet, it will be out soon. All of his social media link are on the channel so be sure to follow him from there, and subscribe to the Shih Oh Network and you will be updated when we upload new videos. On the additional side, you will have 24/7 access to Shih Oh Network content which you can check out at anytime! (It's obviously free, Otherwise, we will see you guys later! In the words of the "chairman" Larry, "Peace out and deuces, beyond the infinite!"

  • Hi I'm trying out construct 2 free version. I've been using GameSalad and been reading that Construct is more versatile.

    My name is GregB I'm a grandpa I turn 70 next year and still learning. I've been married to my sweet heart for 47yrs My priority's are God, Family, Friends, and Fun. My oldest grand child is in college and my youngest is in grade school. The other two are in high school with their drivers license .... Boy am I glad they are my grand children.

    Thanks GregB

  • Sou proprietário da JBM GAMES uma empresa brasileira que está iniciando suas atividades agora,tenho conhecimento em programação e alguns jogos feitos no RPG MAKER VX,agora estou migrando para o Construct 2,com o objetivo de criar jogos para mobile.

  • hi

    i am start learning consruct2.i start to build simple games in for HTML

  • hello: I'm new.


  • Hi,

    My name is Bruno.

    I'm a schizophrenic disabled Freeware's games programmer.

    I use multiples tools, trying to spend my time.

    I'm also a music composer, and i'm learning to draw.

    It's useful to be a better pixel artist.

    I live in Corsica (French island in the south of France).

    I can't work on my games all the time, this is why i work alone.

    But i like to receive good advices when i create a Freeware.

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