The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey, I am b0inG and I have no idea why I download this, but I guess it's gonna be fun.

  • Hola! Soy Jesus Vargas, soy de Chihuahua, Mexico y me encontre Construct 2 buscando en internet para crear un juego para Android!

  • Looking for different ways for my students to start making their own games.

  • I'm Justin, and I'm a Software Engineer in California.

    I work at IBM, and am finishing my bachelor's in C.S.

  • Hello, I know some basic html and some css.

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  • Hello,

    Found this engine on some mozilla list of HTML engines.

    Obviously want to make a game with it. I hope it goes well.


  • My name is Thomas Dede, I live in Burlington Vermont and I love to skateboard, fish, and play all kinds of different sports.

  • hi guys

  • Hi everyone!

    Nice to be here.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Matthew, I mainly write front-end code for a lot of B2B storefronts, but I got my bachelors degree in game design.

  • Hello!

    I'm Jojo, I tried Unreal Engine and Unity before (some Flash) as well back in the day~~~~~~~~~~~ (more like 5+ years ago)

    My line of work at the moment was not anywhere near art or creativity field. I kinda crave creating something.

    Hopes this is the software that will bring back my old creativity engine to life.


  • I'm Brandy. I'm 33. Single mom. Web designer. Old school game lover.

    My first system was a Commodore 64. My favorite games where Air Wolf, Maniac Mansion, Ghost Busters and a few others that I can recall. I got my first Nintendo maybe a year after they came out. Favorite NEW game was Dragon Warrior. I'm still a Final Fantasy junky.

    I'm really into making text like sims. I like old school php/mysql games. I'm trying to marry construct 2 with my ideas in a nice html5 type setting with nicer graphics.

  • I'm Mikey, a 19 year old Game Development student from England. I am about to finish my third and final year at my college studying Game Design, and I am planning on creating my own indie company and plan to grow and hire.

    I am a fan of many games and genres, my favourite games are, Fallout, Mount and Blade Warband, Game Dev Story, Civilization, Age of Empires 2 etc.

    I love to write and I am a huge fan of fantasy, Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire are my favourite pieces of fiction. Writing is definitely my strongest point in design and i hope to show this off someday soon.

    I plan to use this engine by creating a game I have designed for a while now, it will be an isometric simulation game similar to Game Dev Story, BitCoinBillionaire etc. but focussed around multiple jobs such as; Musician, Writer, Artist, Game Designer, Director etc. I plan to make this in my spare time and learn more about the engine as I go, and getting help through anyone who is interested in working with me.

    If you have bothered to read through all this then thank you for reading

  • Hello i am new here, my name is Rodrigo

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