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  • hi guys

  • Hi everyone!

    Nice to be here.

  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Matthew, I mainly write front-end code for a lot of B2B storefronts, but I got my bachelors degree in game design.

  • Hello!

    I'm Jojo, I tried Unreal Engine and Unity before (some Flash) as well back in the day~~~~~~~~~~~ (more like 5+ years ago)

    My line of work at the moment was not anywhere near art or creativity field. I kinda crave creating something.

    Hopes this is the software that will bring back my old creativity engine to life.


  • I'm Brandy. I'm 33. Single mom. Web designer. Old school game lover.

    My first system was a Commodore 64. My favorite games where Air Wolf, Maniac Mansion, Ghost Busters and a few others that I can recall. I got my first Nintendo maybe a year after they came out. Favorite NEW game was Dragon Warrior. I'm still a Final Fantasy junky.

    I'm really into making text like sims. I like old school php/mysql games. I'm trying to marry construct 2 with my ideas in a nice html5 type setting with nicer graphics.

  • I'm Mikey, a 19 year old Game Development student from England. I am about to finish my third and final year at my college studying Game Design, and I am planning on creating my own indie company and plan to grow and hire.

    I am a fan of many games and genres, my favourite games are, Fallout, Mount and Blade Warband, Game Dev Story, Civilization, Age of Empires 2 etc.

    I love to write and I am a huge fan of fantasy, Lord of the Rings and A Song of Ice and Fire are my favourite pieces of fiction. Writing is definitely my strongest point in design and i hope to show this off someday soon.

    I plan to use this engine by creating a game I have designed for a while now, it will be an isometric simulation game similar to Game Dev Story, BitCoinBillionaire etc. but focussed around multiple jobs such as; Musician, Writer, Artist, Game Designer, Director etc. I plan to make this in my spare time and learn more about the engine as I go, and getting help through anyone who is interested in working with me.

    If you have bothered to read through all this then thank you for reading

  • Hello i am new here, my name is Rodrigo

  • Hi

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  • Hello,

    I am Dimas, from Indonesia

    Really excited to try this software

  • Hello,

    I'm Jarrett, from United States. I'm very excited to try out Construct 2.

  • Hi guys, I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. Have messed about with Unity and UE4 a bit but not really managed to make anything of my own, was hoping to be able to sketch up a quick idea in Construct and see how that works out. All looks pretty slick so far!

  • Karma is still mad at me that I stood her up on a threesome date with destiny. So here I am trying to teach myself programming and game design since I'm apparently too fortunate to ask for financial aid but definitely too unfortunate to afford an institutional education.


    Hi, My name is Blaque Inche and my talent is thought.

  • Hello, I'm Cris.

  • hey I'm ricky working as a tattoo artist in london and looking to create my first 2d platform game.

  • hello all new here

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