The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi there. I'm a colombian game developer, passionate for what I do. My goal is to keep growing professionally, and to contribute with my potential to assist with the development and growth of the creative industry.

  • Hi, my name is Vinicius I am brasilian new developer start learning about game

  • Hello I'm Leon (Nickname : ExerFlame) and I'm from Singapore. I am a huge Halo Fan and also who watches anime ^^. How I've heard about Construct 2 is through my education course of Game & Technology. I find Construct 2 a very good software for starters to create simple yet fun games ^^. I hope I could learn how to make quality games through the online Tuturiols.

  • Hello my name is Horvat Catalin and I heard about this site from

  • Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Hernandez, and I actually had a username here a long time ago, but I've forgotten it and the Construct forums had my username that I use pretty much everywhere available, so I took that quickly.

    Anyway, after getting frusturated with many other game development suites, I decided to give Construct a try. I'll be happy to see what I can do with the software, and I'd love to learn the software myself.

    Is there a good place where I can jump in to start learning? Thank you!

  • Hey my name is Chase, but call me by Kaje. I love gaming. It has been a part of my life since i has born. Can't wait to start

  • My name is Ashraf Hamdi, Egyptian Animated film director, Cartoonist and game designer.

    I've a big and well known YouTube channel "Egyptoon" with my 2 partners "Amira" and "Mostafa" (animators) and we publish a new animated cartoon every week.

    our first game created with C2 is called "propaganda" on Google play store, and we are preparing for the second one.

  • hello , my name hatsukoi living at singapore, im engineer and programing for making game , im bad for making graphic .. so nice to know to you all ,

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  • hello my name is ****** not public any way i am new i hope to have a good time with c2

  • Hi New to Construct 2, found it through a course on Udemy.

    Sadly missed the Winter Sale so not purchased yet. Anyone have an idea if any offers coming up soon?

  • Hi!

    I have a problem When I put the music on a game it reproduce when it is in my pc but when i export it and i use phone gap of adobe it doesn't sound on adroid please help!

  • Hi, I'm Ben.

    It's a pleasure to meet everyone. I'm very interested in game development. I've been studying it during a great deal of my spare time and have been working towards learning tools and eventually being able to develop decent, playable, releasable, and hopefully sellable games.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how the Construct line of products evolve over time.

  • Hello there!

    I'm Thomas, and I've been using Construct 2 for a little while now. I've previously fiddled around with Game Maker and Rpg Maker, but I've never really made anything. My current project is a roguelike 8-bit platformer with permadeath and upgrades. The plan is to release it as a free game in the Play Store, and on various sites around the web.

    I am also working on some small games based on the tutorials, just to learn more about Construct 2.


  • Hi, i'm Vadim, and i'm currently working on MMOFPS game as level game designer. I'm also looking into a new ways implementing my ideas, that is why i've decided to download Construct 2 and try to make the game i've been drawing a lot being a child.

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