The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hello i'm Staz And im newbie in forum

  • Heyo Everyone

    I'm new to game development and hope to get a good start with construct 2.

    I already have some experience in C# and Java and also did some web design.


  • ola mundo!

  • Hi,

    I am a student, my name is Anton. I live in Ukraine, in Zaporozhye. Friendly and like to have good time. As a hobby I want to make games.

  • Hey!

    My name is Martin, and i'm from Hungary, in Gödöllő. I am mainly trying to develop games as a hobby with my brother.

  • Hello, guys!!!

    I'm Farpras (not real name). I'm from Indonesia. Any Indonesian here?

    I know Construct 2 since a month ago, and I already in love with it.

    I also making music and video.

    Thank you!!!

  • Hi Everyone!

    Excited to join the community!

    I have about five game ideas I'm trying to get from paper into reality.

    Hope to learn lots from those who have gone before.


  • Hey! Just got an account. I hope this will be a fun application to learn on developing 2d games!

  • Hello peeps! Looking forward to putting this software to work!

  • Wahaha.

    Greetings Human!

    Gonna try Construct 2, developed some small platformer using Unity with 2D setup, but things can get quite messy as Unity is meant for 3D, thats why I come here to give C2 a try. Will create a thread in the future.

    Nice meeting you all. (Not really, I don't know you. :p )

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  • Hello. My 13-year old son asked me today about "game engines", so I'm here to lurk and soak. I don't think I'll be getting into much of this myself, though. I can't program either (except AutoIt... does that count?). Oh, and the young people refer to HTML and CSS as "programming" also these days.

  • Hello people, I'm trying to conquer my space on game industry, so... That's it!

  • Hello,

    My name is Eric and I've been making games with Construct 2 for a year or two now, but have been reluctant to do a lot of posting (aside from questions here and there) since I couldn't change my username. I finally decided to just make a new account and start to get in touch with the community a bit more.

    You can check out my work at virtually-competent[dot]!

  • :D Hi, I am new to Construct 2, I would learn to make games without programming as it is a bit difficult, as e seen that say it is very good program to create games and decided to try it since and seen incredible echos games that program. My real name is Nicolas Banegas

    PD: I'm using google translator because I am Uruguayan and I speak Spanish

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