The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi, I'm Rhajan.

    I grew up loving video games, since Atari 2600. Now i have this thing pushing me to a new level, to make video games, work with it. Make this my profession.

  • Heya!! My name is Alexa, nice to meet you all!!

  • Hii everyone

  • wow offical... hey random people making attual good games :3 i just thought i might give it a go, so... yeah... hello

  • I'm excited to start using Construct 2.

  • Hi i'm Dynamixe with the name of Smile Heart Wave (SHW)

    I create mods for games , such as Warcraft 3 , and i have a mod with more than 14,000 downloads named "Fairy Tail Got Class-s" . So I Decided to enter the world of Gaming.

    Hope it Works ahah

  • Hi I'm Sam ,

    and I somehow ended up here . I like it so far!

    I'm a wannabe Indie Developer but who am I telling this .

    Check me out Twitter: SamyNoname


  • hi! i am vamsi

  • Hey everyone, my name is Tevan/Zeldinkskya. I have used game maker studio for a while and taught myself some things. I just saw this on steam and wanted to get the non-steam version to see what it's like. I'm Australian and I enjoy anime and gaming. c:

  • Hey I'm Ketchup and I heard about Construct from A Youtuber named NerdCubed and i thought I would give it a try.

  • Hi there. I am a web developer from India. n I love games.




  • hello everyone! my name is TJ. i only knew construct 2 about a week ago. i'm trying to finish my thesis project using construct 2. i hope i can make it in time this coming friday. i tried gamemaker, flash, to make my game but i don't have sufficient knowledge about the codings.

    i was into games since i was a kid. i played tennis on family computer and then my dad bought me SNES. i go to my neighbor's house to play n64, playstation, playstation2 and other platforms.

    fave games are FF series, suikoden 1 & 2, GTA series, pokemon..

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  • Hi, I'm Mario aka Mikulich from Croatia

    I've been interested in making videogames for a while and have no idea where to start from so I'm giving this a shot

  • Hi everyone. I have been learning & using Construct 2 for a few months now, and have really been enjoying it.

  • Hey i'm Callum,

    I've always thought about indie making games in the past and recently heard of Construct 2 from NerdCubed so decided to give it a shot.

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