The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi,

    I'm launching a startup called Animal Apps.

    My plan is to release smartphone apps, mostly games, and donate at least 50% of the profits of each one to the animal protection, rescue or welfare organisation I make it to benefit.

    Each app will be released on the App Store and Google Play as a minimum and have push notifications and other social/community features as standard.

    If you are at all interested you can contact me here and we can see if we like each other's ideas.



  • Howdy,

    Rob from Australia. Tried Gamemaker and few other similar software's but Construct seems to be close to some

    other RAD programs i use. Certainly is faster to create games then any other I've tried so that's good

    Some things in the events are different then what im used to but an active community is all that's needed

    to get through it easily,


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  • Hi, I'm Rhajan.

    I grew up loving video games, since Atari 2600. Now i have this thing pushing me to a new level, to make video games, work with it. Make this my profession.

  • Heya!! My name is Alexa, nice to meet you all!!

  • Hii everyone

  • wow offical... hey random people making attual good games :3 i just thought i might give it a go, so... yeah... hello

  • I'm excited to start using Construct 2.

  • Hi i'm Dynamixe with the name of Smile Heart Wave (SHW)

    I create mods for games , such as Warcraft 3 , and i have a mod with more than 14,000 downloads named "Fairy Tail Got Class-s" . So I Decided to enter the world of Gaming.

    Hope it Works ahah

  • Hi I'm Sam ,

    and I somehow ended up here . I like it so far!

    I'm a wannabe Indie Developer but who am I telling this .

    Check me out Twitter: SamyNoname


  • hi! i am vamsi

  • Hey everyone, my name is Tevan/Zeldinkskya. I have used game maker studio for a while and taught myself some things. I just saw this on steam and wanted to get the non-steam version to see what it's like. I'm Australian and I enjoy anime and gaming. c:

  • Hey I'm Ketchup and I heard about Construct from A Youtuber named NerdCubed and i thought I would give it a try.

  • Hi there. I am a web developer from India. n I love games.




  • hello everyone! my name is TJ. i only knew construct 2 about a week ago. i'm trying to finish my thesis project using construct 2. i hope i can make it in time this coming friday. i tried gamemaker, flash, to make my game but i don't have sufficient knowledge about the codings.

    i was into games since i was a kid. i played tennis on family computer and then my dad bought me SNES. i go to my neighbor's house to play n64, playstation, playstation2 and other platforms.

    fave games are FF series, suikoden 1 & 2, GTA series, pokemon..

  • Hi, I'm Mario aka Mikulich from Croatia

    I've been interested in making videogames for a while and have no idea where to start from so I'm giving this a shot

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