The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hi me jordan me gamedev.

    Now gimmie my badge

  • Hi guys, my name's Tommy.I am a 3D artist by trade but I wanted to learn to make games, and I found Construct! So....yeah still learning. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Hi all!

    My name is Jaroslav (Yaroslav)!

    I can just call Yarik!

    There are currently studying at the programmer's information technology ...

    And starting with Game maker and Construct ...

    At the moment, learned many dialects of Basic, and recently learned all dialects of C

    Just know J # (which by no yet), and Java.

    Just a little learning to draw in vector and pixel-art ...

  • Greetings,

    I am a college professor, mathematician by training but I occasionally teach computer science as well, in particular, Introduction to Java Programming and also Video Game Programming. I used to teach the Video Game course completely in Java, but next semester I am hoping to incorporate Scirra in some significant way.

  • Hi all <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> I am a 14 year-old guy still in High School, I absolutely LOVE Construct and ofcourse the newest second version of Construct. I enjoy graphics and art and one day hope to be able to programme my own games and applications... Hello world <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi! I�m Asier,

    I�m a Spanish musician and graphic designer.

    I began to compose music in 1994 using different kind of tracker programs like ST3, FT2 or Impulse Tracker.

    I enjoy compusing music for videogames, websites, short films.

    I also have made a couple of games with Scirra Construct, such as Super Adventure World or Jumping Cow!

  • Sup'

    I'm Florian, French, 20 years old, Game Design student, and I love 8 bits music, apple pies and ponies \o/

    I started making games at the age of 10, using RPG Maker, then I sarted using other softwares like Game Maker, Unity, Blender, UDK, and... Construct Classic.

    Recently I bought a Construct 2 license because being able to export your games to HTML5 so that everyone can play them easily without having to install or download anything except their web browser is awesome !

    Currently I am working on 8 Bits Runner. This project used to be one of my old Construct Classic projects, but I decided to remake it with Construct 2 (one of the main reasons is because I lost my old .cap file <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> ).

    I'll try to get free time for me to work on 8BR (you know, school + job...), to give you new levels and new features.

    (Oh, and btw I hope my English isn't too bad, or at least, I hope it's understandable :p )

  • I'm a Kiwi (my avatar is a flying kiwi).

    I think Construct 2 is a FANTASTIC game engine/dev environment. I started writing games (just as a hobby) in 1987 in USCD Pascal and Turtlegraphics. I marvel at the Construct 2 UI and code generator - absolutely BRILLIANT work!

    I'm just getting into making games with it. When I worked my way through the Beginner's Guide, I was a little disappointed that I ended up with a silent game, so I've just written a sequel tutorial: Adding sound - a beginner's guide.

  • Hi everyone,

    i am looking for ways to teach Math & Computers using games created via Construct 2.

    if you have any games that teaches high school math & computer concepts, please let me know.


  • platform school link does not work?

  • Hi! im gino a Venezuelan game developer! Have fun!

  • Hi my name is Per-Anton Larsson and im from Sweden.

    27 year old and have been working in the process industry all my life i wind down

    by playing lots of computer games, Skyrim for the moment.

    Im a devoted VideoGame Collector with over 500 titles on my shelves.

    I used Click&Play back in the days and have been looking for inspiration ever since, recently quit my job to study and found C2, been trying Game Creator but found it way too un-userfriendly. So now im back in the game and soon to have my first game in the Arcade.

  • Hi, My name is Waldemar. I'm from the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico, yep! Ricky Martin!!!!!. I'm 34 becoming 35 in one month. And I am an Game Addict Too. I'm a Web Designer/Developer during the day. And Convert myself into Hackinc200 during the night to combat Crime!!! Ups, just to develop some Mobile Apps. jajaja!!! My Favorite Game saga its Gears Of War and the only MMORPG i have play its Guild Wars. In the case You haven't notice yet my first language its Spanish. I enter here a year ago for the first time, then I never came back. Until now That I found a Construct almost a mature product. I just need to get a license. And Start playing around whit it.

  • Hello there,

    My name is Saverio and I realize only now that i haven't introduced myself yet. So i'm 27 and i'm from Italy. I like play games and i would like to make some Ios or Android Games. In the life i work as SEO for an italian web agency.



  • Hello, I'm Jes�s from Argentina, I'm 27 years old. I have been always interested in games since I was a kid, my dad bought me an Atari at the age of 6 and I fell in love with the video-game world. I always had the idea of making games when I grow up but studying programming was almost impossible in my country at that time, people were just not interested in it.

    I didn't know English and finding a Spanish resource for game programming was not easy so I gave up about the idea and decided to follow some other path. A few years ago I started reading some books about programming but I'm having a hard time trying to study it while keeping up with some other things in my life, I don't have the time I had when I was younger.

    I really didn't think that I could make any game at all until I found by pure chance, I didn't have the luck of finding it before but I found it now while construct 2 is in beta, I tried the program and for the first time I think is possible for me to make a game :).

    I believe Construct 2 can become a great tool for making games with enough time so I decided to support the team behind it by buying it, and of course because it was a great deal :D.

    Right now I'm trying to make my own business in Bulgaria while at the same time trying to learn the language, I also like to read some tutorials about Construct 2 in order to learn how to use it better whenever I have some free time, I think that I need some practice first with the program, but I'm hoping to start making my own game once I get some good idea.

    Nice to meet you all and I'm sure you'll hear more about me because I will need some help from time to time :).

    Bye for now everyone.

    PS: I apologize is my English is not very good, I'm still learning.

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