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  • Hi!

    I'm a Game Designer from Brazil and iniciate a developing games with the Free Edition C2. It's wonderful software! My next aquisition is a Standard Edition of C2.

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  • Hi!

    I have just purchased my copy of the Standard Edition of C2!

    I would like to make games for Blackberry via PhoneGap and hope that some of the next releases of C2 will support sound as well.

    Have a nice day

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  • My name is Tim, and I'm 20. I've been into gaming since my father made the grave mistake of plugging space invaders into our ailing atari computer. While my fondness of games carried me through a few consoles after that, it wasn't until I got a ps2 and popped in Final Fantasy X that I knew I'd found my lifelong obsession. While there have been roadmarks since then -- GTA:SA, Ico, Bioshock, hacking my psp -- I don't think anything has or ever will top that first experiance of seeing the living, breathing world of Spira unfurl before me.

    Ever since then I've wanted to design games, but my creative tendancies have often steered me down other pathes, primarily music and writing, with some abstact computer art along the way. Many years ago I attempted to put together a text adventure in C++, but found the process far too daunting -- not the design but the programming. I always found programming to be miserable; knowing what I wanted to do, and how to go about it logically, but failing utterly to put together syntax that worked right. Later on I spent some time with RPG Maker, but found it too restricting. My last attempt was with the tourqe game builder; once again I was mired in uncoopertive. poorly documented code. Then I found construct.

    In a few hours spread across the last week I gotten farther along with construct 2 than I ever did with any other tool. I love that I can 'program' with pure logic, instead of code, and that what I'm doing is represented and organized in a visual, intuitive fashion. While the power and efficiency of construct classic awes me, C2 looks to become something even better, and I look forward to seeing where it goes. Thanks for making the world a little bit more awesome.

  • Hi,

    my name is Michael (34) and I'm a software engineer (c++) in real life. In my second life (after work and after my son went to bed) I try to make games. Mainly using XNA for game creation, but it's limited to windows, xbox and (win) phone. Writing games takes quite long using a programming language. I found construct2 and like it for being able to quickly try out new things. I'd like to create a rougelike (see wikipedia) web game (using construct2) with better graphics (but random levels etc.).

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  • hey..!!

    my name is Aldhy from Indonesia. i'm a student from Game Design of Multimedia STIKOM SURABAYA. Be a game developer is my dream since i was kid. honestly, I don't understand about programming, and it's make me like a dreamer. But, with Construct Classic and Construct 2, i think i'm not a dreamer anymore. I want to be a professional with my drawing and designing skill. This is my passion to be here...

  • Hi!

    My name is Mauricio Bento, from Brazil. I always liked games, and had a afinity with computer programming so....

    I have a graduate degree in System Development and Analysis, and I am working with Computer Network and Web Development.

    I met the Construct 2 in some sites on the web, and got hooked!!

    Sorry the english, I�m still learning!

  • Hello!

    I'm Michal Je?�bek, but since it's sometimes hard for people to pronounce (or even read the damn last name) properly, I tend to go around the internet as "Zeth". I live in Prague which is capital of small country known as "Czech Republic" which lays in centre of Europe (Well the actually the geological center of Europe is about 15 Km behind our Czech-German border but anyways).

    I am sort of gaming freak.

    Playing games is my free time hobby. Recently I got attracted to Indie Game developing scene (especially thanks to Minecraft and Terraria). Not so long ago, I got encouraged by Kevin Glass (aka on twitter) - the "Legends of Yore" to make my own game after I did a bug report for him. He literally said "You just solved the problem without seeing a piece of code. You got brains for it."

    That was easier said than done, because besides of TurboPascal experience that taught me "How the program works" I don't know any programming language what so ever. I still wanted to make a game so I choosed to use some "Game making engine" instead. That's how I stumbled upon "Game Maker" which seemed to be really powerful tool providing one could learn to work with it. Though it is relatively easy to learn, and its own scripting language is similar to C++ (At least that's what I heard) I actually never heard about any game created by GM. Games built via "Torgue Game Builder" Are much more popular than that (e.g. Frozen Synapse, Space Pirates and Zombies). TGB though is a little bit more expensive, and it suffered with lack of documentation at the time I checked it out.

    I was about to give up my dreams about game making before CokeAndCode mentioned one of articles about Construct 2's HTML5 performance comparison to other known engines on twitter. After a little investigation I downloaded Construct 2 and followed the first tutorial. I really liked it's simple "Event-Action" style and the fact that it's really easy to understand!

    So here I am...Let's see what's gonna happen next!

  • Ello there! My name is Gio, I'm seriously passionate about games, and am looking into making them my profession.

    I first heard about Construct when Game Maker announced the price hikes, and when basicly everything went to garbage. I love open source software, and Construct Classic was absolutely amazing in my eyes.

    Since then you guys have been working on Construct 2, and I'm ready and willing to support this project all the way!

  • LOL i actually just found this by accident and never introduced myself...

    I'm Marco from Germany and i love playing around with stuff like this... so yeah thats all <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi im scott, im 17. Im a flash programmer, but I follow a blog made by a great man called Emanuele Feronato. And he wrote a post on construct 2. So i thought i would give it a try.

  • Welcome to all the new (and not so new ;)) comers, enjoy your stay and have a nice game making.

  • Hi. My is John. I am a web developer, music producer,graphic designer, game developer. This is my first attempt at Html5 gaming and so far I am absolutely loving it!!

    In time I will share a music pack with the Scirra community but for now I must spend time learning... <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Best Wishes

    Chartbreakerz Interactive

  • Hello My Name in Ardiansyah, I'm Indonesian. I think I'll create game as my weekend project. I hope the community will help me learning.

    Thanks <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> .

  • Hi, I'm new to this game making idea but am having a ball with it. I started about 6 weeks ago primarily on Game Maker but found the coding a little tricky to deal with. I then happened across Construct 2 recently and I've gotta say it's incredible.

    It does seem to have huge potential!!

    My biggest problem is trying to finish one complete game, i have heaps of ideas and am constantly jumping around.

    Am looking forward to learning more about this great program on my game development journey!

  • Hi guys, and welcome :)

    Glad you are all having fun. Don't forget if you have any problems just ask in the help sections, or join us in the IRC chat :)


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