The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey guys! i'm BR, and an Indie Game Developer!

    I'm tryin construct 2 and i'm gettin a lot of it!! lovin it !

    i'm a computer science student and i figured that C2 was the best tool for makin the games i was thinkin of just for its logic process!

  • Hello Earthlings.

    We are here.

    Do not be alarmed!

    We just want to learn how to make funny games.

    Thank you.

  • Greetings All:

       Today, a free version user; tomorrow: early adopter badge! I found Construct 2 quite by accident. I've been using Game Maker but wanted something more than Windows Only without sacrificing the rapid development loveliness that GM provides. I really like Construct 2's Alice-style development interface; I wish my other programming tools worked this way. This is going to be a great adventure! Now, I'm off to explore AJAX tutorial. I'm looking forward to a great time here.

  • hey everyone ,im introducing myself for the badge , so yea

    my name is kbdmaster and i was with scirra when there was just construct classic , so hey everyone :D

    note: if i posted in th wrong section just move my post

  • A member from the old days, eh? Nice to meet you! Missed you in the "Introduce yourself" thread.

  • You didn't get the badge because you didn't introduce yourself in this thread. Simply respond to this post and you'll get it.

  • Hello my name is Anton. Im new, im 23 years old. Im from Saberya ;D

    I was using gm, but now i found construct!

  • Hi, My name is Nico

    I live in South-Africa, And I am 17.

    I known constuct for a long time(long bef construct classic came out), But never knew the friendly staff and people on Scirra, So I joined about 5 months ago.

    I found Construct on a local gaming disc that you get with a magazine,

    From there on my whole live changed.

    I have started creating stuff and discovering other programs like visual studio (still noob with that <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />)

    I will never forget construct!

  • Hi guys

    im a 19, danish, studying at High Tech eXam

    my main quest is to learn programming (java, c++ c# etc)

    im working with blender, photoshop,, and construct :D

    i have also known construct in some years now... but never got time to actually make something or introduce myself.

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  • Hey guys, im kbd (can't tell my real name)

    and im 12 year old im Canadian and i was in scirra when i was 10


  • Hi! I started the year developing Browser Games on Flash with AS3 but with the death of this on the web () i decide to start developing on HTML5 which is much more useful when it is the consistency of what we are talking.

    Good dev!

  • Howdy folks! Nice to be here using this exciting engine. I have experience with other engines, including MMF and Unity 3D.

    I am a game asset artist but not a programmer by any means. I can copy and put together bits of code which is a valuable skill to be sure but that's about it, so Im eager to see how I do here.

    Happy Gaming!

  • Hey all, I'm Mike 32 years old Computer Science student in my 2nd year. Currently learning Java and C# in class. Java, not a good time. I've been into game development since about 2002, and never looked back. I have about every engine there ever was or is and in about 20 minutes will own Construct 2.

    My main goal out of my degree and experience is to eventually get into teaching, which I believe I have a talent for as I can explain things down to the bare metal where people understand them. My tutorials have been featured in official online documents as well as official newsletters and magazines in there respective game engine departments, as my ways of explaining things let's even the beginner understand click by click.

    I've been in the US Marines since 1999, so it has taken me a very long time to pursue my ultimate goal of finishing my degree in computer science. Now however I've been fortunate enough to been going for two years straight.

    In closing I look forward to Construct 2, and have been following its development and community since the Classic days although I never registered, purchased or gave my two cents. However, now is the time. Good product, great community, great developers of Construct 2.

  • I'm Jeremy, 34 year old artist that's been looking to make games for a while now. I've tried learning C++, python, C#, Java, and Javascript and none of it seems to get through my thick skull. I get the basic concepts but putting it all together seems forever beyond me.

    So I started looking at game making programs and I actually discovered Construct just as Construct 2 was getting its first release. I subsequently read that Konjak used the old version to make Iconoclasts and that he considers himself more an artist than a programmer so I've been keeping an eye on things over here.

    I love the latest developments I'm seeing with Construct 2, especially with the recent releases adding WebGL and Scirra Arcade support. Time to make something playable.

  • Thank you for serving! Blessings to you and your family.

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