The Official Introduce Yourself Thread

  • Hey guys! I am Hamza Khan, not to know about Construct 2 from steam. I hope I will end up making a great game!

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  • Hello everyone..!

  • Hello Guys,

  • Hi everyone! I've heard of Construct 2 online, as I was searching for a platform for game development. Very excited about joining the community here and using this tool!

  • hello world!

  • Hello Guys, I don't remember how I've heard of Construct 2 .

    For 1 year i've been using GameMaker:Studio and I developed 3 Android games so far and I want to try something new so thats why I want to learn how to make games (possibly for Android) with Construct 2

  • hello everybody!! new to this and cant wait to get started and use construct 2 to make games for console platforms

  • Hello, I am Italo, I'm 14 years old, I'm Brazilian and study at a public college, I like to play, but I like also to create games. Recently I'm creating a game of prehistory. Do not think this is just a hobby, but who knows a job in the future.

  • Hello everyone. I'm Nathen and I am 19 years old. Im from Indiana and have a ok sense of game development, mostly in RPG Maker but have tried others that I don't remember, including one from Steam. I have always loved video games, writing stories, and programming. I learned about Construct 2 from Microsoft Virtual Academy and really hope that things go well while I try to learn a whole new system. I'm also a lifetime gamer that loves the hobby/addiction of playing a video games and talks passionately about the subject with friends.

  • Hi everyone.

    My name is Cícero. I'm from Brazil. I like to play games very much. I'm from Brazil and I'm a teacher. I have been studying programming languages for a few years. But I never used Construct. So, I'm very happy to try it. Let's go!!!

  • Hi guys ):

  • My name is naser

  • Andre Rangel - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil.

    Constructores do Rio, vou precisar da ajuda de vocês.

    Aguardo contato!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I dont think i ever got to introduce myself.

    I have been using Construct 2 for some years now, and have been making apps, games and other great stuff with it since construct classic!

    Nice to meet you all :- )

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